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Kydex® XD Thermoplastic PVC/ Acrylic Sheet - Decorative sheet

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James Latham

Thermoplastic 3D laminate.

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Suitable for:

  • Store fixtures.
  • Kiosks.
  • Checkout counters.
  • Cabinetry.
  • Exhibits and displays.
  • Door and drawer fascias.
  • Mouldings.
  • Pedestals and stands.
  • Transaction surfaces.
  • Workstations.
  • Tabletops.
  • Logo and trademark panels.
  • Wainscots and flat laminated panels.


A thermoplastic 3D laminate giving designers the ability to incorporate compound corners, logos and wire management holes whilst eliminating unsightly seams and the need for edge banding typically associated with HPL/ TFM surfaces.

Features and benefits:

  • Tough and durable.
  • Resistant to cracking and chipping.
  • Solid, integral colour.
  • Many colours available.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Very low moisture absorption.
  • Flexibility allows small radius bends.
  • Specific gravity (to ASTM D-792): 1.35.
  • Tensile strength (to ASTM D-638): 42 MPa.
  • Tensile modulus (to ASTM D-638): 2416 MPa.
  • Elongation (to ASTM D-638): 126%.
  • Flexural strength (to ASTM D-790): 66 MPa.
  • Modulus of elasticity (to ASTM D-790): 2480 MPa.
  • Notched izod impact resistance (to ASTM D-256): 801 J/m.
  • Rockwell hardness (R scale, to ASTM D-785): 94.
  • Abrasion resistance (to ASTM D-1044): 0.0095.
  • Ball impact resistance (to NEMA LD3): >3000 mm.
  • Dart impact resistance (to NEMA LD3): >1000 mm.
  • Cleanability (to NEMA LD3): 16.
  • Surface spread of flame (to ASTM E-84): Class 1/A.

General information




3048 mm


1447 mm


Pr_25_71_63_15 Compact or solid grade high-pressure laminate (HPL) boardsPrimary


K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K30/10 Relocatable partition system

K30/130 Relocatable partition system

K32/112 Fully framed panel cubicles

K32/120 Panel cubicles

K32/130 Privacy screens

K32/140 Duct/ wall linings – panels only

K32/150 Duct/ wall linings – panels and proprietary frames

K32/160 Duct linings – preplumbed panels and proprietary frames

N10/10 Purpose-made

N10/110 Purpose-made

N10/160 Shelving system

N10/30 Shelving system

N11/380 Purpose-made units

N12/440 Purpose made

Specification data - Compact or solid grade high-pressure laminate (HPL) boards

Panel size



3048 mm.


1447 mm.


0.7 mm - 3 mm.

Insert requirement.


KYDEX® sheet is available in a range of standard colours, granite patterns, realistic wood grains and metallics. Custom colours and a diversity of designs are also available to enhance virtually any commercial, retail or institutional styling theme. Consult manufacturer for information.


Extreme durability (XD).

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