Kestrel Aluminium Systems Curtain Walling


Suitable for commercial applications.


The Kestrel Low Rise Curtain Wall system is an economic and aesthetically pleasing solution to facade cladding. The system is suitable for use on all buildings where good thermal and weather performance is required.

The range of profiles is based around 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 175 mm mullion and transom designs accompanied by purpose-designed ancillary items required of a high-performance curtain wall system.

The system is designed for pressure equalised zone drainage and this is achieved with drained and ventilated glazing rebates. The glass or panel and window infills are retained with rigid PVC pressure plates which have co-extruded weather seals. Inner seals are available in lineal form and vulcanised pre-formed corner pieces.

Construction: Aluminium profiles are square cut mechanically jointed and secured using stainless steel screws driven into extruded screw splines. All joints should be sealed against water penetration.

Features and benefits:

  • Stick system, pressure equalized.

General information


Contact manufactruer for standard colour range available.



Mill finish


Powder coated



Aluminium alloy = 6060/6063 T6.


Capping available in Square, Bull nosed and Aerofoil.




Ten years

Kestrel Aluminium Profiles have a ten-year warranty. See powder coating guarantee.

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H11/110 Curtain walling

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Frame members

Aluminium curtain wall frame sections.

Contact Kestrel Aluminium Systems for fabrication details and illustrations of the colours available.

Framing members include:

  • 50mm Shear block - KAS873D
  • 75mm system mullion - KAS 801/802                    
  • 75mm system transom - KAS804.                  
  • 75mm Shear block - KAS870D.
  • 100mm system mullion - KAS 811/812.
  • 100mm system transom - KAS814.
  • 100mm Shear block - KAS871D.
  • 125mm system mullion- KAS 821/822.
  • 125mm system transom - KAS824.
  • 125mm Shear block - KAS872D.
  • 150mm Box Transom- KAS825.
  • 175mm Box Transom - KAS826.

Curtain wall roof bars.

Framing members include:

  • 100mm Drained Box - KAS831.
  • Purlin - KAS832.
  • Roof Cap - KAS833 /834.

Frame accessories

Cover caps.

Cover caps include:

  • Mullion cap - KAS851.
  • Transom cap - KAS852.
  • Transom drip cap - KAS853.
  • Bullnose Cap - KAS854.
  • Aero Cap - KAS855.
  • Mullion pressure plate - KAS861.
  • Transom pressure plate - KAS862.

Cladding units


Glass units

The system can accomodate 24mm and 28mm thick IGU's or composite panels and 6mm, 6.4mm, 8.8mm, 10mm and 10.8mm single glazing variations by using aluminium rebate adapters and alternative internal gasket types.


Glazing accessories

PVC co-extruded pressure plate and internal EPDM glazing gaskets.

Extruded to BS 2782 and BS 476 part 7 and BS 4255 part 1 respectively.

System accessories

Consult Kestrel Aluminium Systems technical literature for further information. Kestrel Aluminium Systems provide a full estimating and design service and it is recommended that they be consulted early in the design process.


Product Reference

Kestrel Aluminium Systems Curtain Walling


Powder coating (60 microns) to BS EN 12206-1:2004.

Powder coating (80 microns) to BS EN 12206-1:2004.

Anodizing (25 microns AA25) to BS 3897:1991.


Mill finish, for finishing by others.


Consult with manufacturer for availability of colours and textures.


Air permeability

600 Pa.

The system has been tested by a UKAS certified body in accordance with the CWCT Test Method for curtain walling. Copies of the test reports are available on request.

Thermal transmittance (U-Value)

1.7 W/m²·K.

U-value of central areas of sealed double glazed units (4-16-4), Pilkington published value.

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


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