Keracolor FF


A grout designed for all types of ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, natural stone and concrete framed glass blocks on walls and floors in interior and external situations.

Suitable for maximum joint widths of 6 mm, Keracolor FF is available in eighteen colours and is particularly suitable for grouting joints of external facades, balconies, swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens and floors with smooth and glossy surfaces when mixed using Fugolastic.

Keracolor FF may be mixed using Fugolastic Liquid Polymeric Additive in place of water in order to improve compactness and resistance to abrasion and reduce porosity and water absorption. Fugolastic should not be used when grouting terracotta floors or very porous or rough surfaces.

Keracolor FF is classified CG2 Ar W to prEN 13888.

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Specification data - Cementitious grouts

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Keracolor FF Grout


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Available in 18 colours.


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Sustainability Brochure

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