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  • For sealing joints, voids/irregular holes in walls, partitions and other structures.
  • Provides primerless sealing and bonding on a wide range of substrates including ceramic, plaster, plastics, masonry, wood, stone and metals.
  • Internal sealing around doors and windows.
  • Sealing where air quality for health is important.
  • Sanitary applications including showers.
  • Sealing of gaps around fitted furniture and worktops.
  • Sealing around flooring.
  • Fire-resistant sealing.
  • Radon-resistant sealing.
  • Decorating caulking and sealing.
  • Air and sound sealing.


KemStop FR Flexi Sealant is a four hour fire rated sealant and adhesive. It is suitable for a wide variety of building trade applications including decorating, flooring, joinery, plumbing and tiling. This product is both a sealant and adhesive and free from dangerous emissions.

KemStop FR Flexi Sealant is also a non-reactive environmentally friendly chemistry that ensures compatibility with most building materials. It will move dynamically to accommodate the natural or unexpected movements of sealed/bonded joints within a building, for long-lasting performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Primerless adhesion.
  • Excellent adhesion to most common substrates.
  • Dynamic for low and high modulus applications.
  • Fast cure - max bond strength is attained in 24 hours.
  • 3D joint movement capability minimum 25%.
  • Can be used for all applications internally.
  • Fire-rated up to 4 hours both integrity and insulation.
  • Resistant against radon (radioactive particles).
  • Recommended for use in joints up to 20 mm wide, larger joints widths can be accommodated.
  • Excellent slump resistance.
  • VOC free.
  • Resistant to mould and mildew.
  • Low dirt pick up.
  • Non-staining on susceptible surfaces.
  • Easy to apply and tool off.
  • Excess can be wiped before curing with a damp cloth.
  • Paintable, low shrinkage, does not yellow.
  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates.

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P12/47 Sealant

P12/390 Sealant

Specification data - Intumescent firestop sealants



Manufacturer guidance

Ready to use thixotropic paste.

Fire performance


Fire resistance

Up to class EI 240 when tested as part of a system.

Guidance for specification option:

KemStop FR Flexi Sealant maintains the integrity of a joint in a fire situation giving a minimum of 4 hours as long as the surrounding construction remains intact. Both the sealant and the backing material must be applied to a minimum depth to achieve the stated fire resistance. The type of backing material must be as specified. Consult the manufacturer's literature for details.

Reaction to fire

Classification D-s2, d0.



Radon gas resistance - Joints

Z = 2.9, 108 s/m (1.5 mm thickness).

Sound insulation

Single sided seal ≥12 mm depth: 62 dB; Double sided seal ≥12 mm depth: >62 dB.


KemStop Fire Rated Flexi Sealant Technical Data Sheet

KemStop Fire Rated Flexi Sealant Technical Data Sheet

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