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Katherm HK

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Two pipe system

Kampmann UK Ltd. Variant:

Fan assisted trench heating/ cooling system.

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For installation within a raised or screeded floor.


Ready-to-install floor trench, either for installation within a raised or screeded floor, for heating and cooling with cross-flow fan convection. Floor duct manufactured from Sendzimir galvanized steel sheet steel, coated graphite grey, with floor brackets as standard. Unit with cover plates for the connection areas. Tangential fan with energy-saving high-efficiency EC motor, robust and silent motor construction.

High performance, copper/ aluminium convector, painted graphite grey, suitable for a maximum continuous operating pressure of 10 bar and 120°C, with Eurokonus valve connection, header with air vent, with torsion protection. Inclusive of condensate tray, to allow wet cooling, specially designed for easy access and simple cleaning. With 'Optiline' double-T profile roll-up or linear grille, connections from corrosion-protected steel spiral springs, with matching spacers, free area 70%. Grill frame profile matches the grille. With transparent protective dust cover that also protects the edge of the frame supplied as standard. Units tested according to BS EN 16430 Part 1-3.

Features and benefits:

  • Improved performance: The narrower trench width and shallower height of the Katherm HK delivers an optimized output range for on-demand heating and cooling from the floor. With its incremental lengths, it is the solution for the most diverse building requirements.
  • Innovative: With revised components, like the tangential fan, high-output fan coil and the modified design of the floor trench, the product provides optimized air flow for even higher outputs.
  • Hygiene-compliant: Thanks to improved condensate draining in cooling mode, coupled with the ease of cleaning of the condensate pan, the product is totally hygienic.
  • Energy-efficient: State-of-the-art EC tangential fans with low power consumption ensure energy-saving consumption combined with low sound levels. The fixing system in the floor trench, which also incorporates sound decoupling, ensures that the unit can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Air-flow optimized: The arrangement and air guidance have both been optimized and guarantee maximum comfort levels in all rooms. The unit is enhanced with air-flow optimized roll-up and linear grilles.


Consult manufacturer's literature for further details regarding heating/ cooling outputs, sound pressure and power levels.

General information









915 mm

950 mm

1200 mm

1350 mm

1700 mm

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245 mm

290 mm

320 mm

360 mm


130 mm

160 mm

210 mm


Two year


Pr_70_60_36_90 Trench convectorsPrimary


T90/477 Trench convectors

T90/477 Trench convectors

Specification data - Trench convectors


Heating and cooling.

Size (l x w x h)

950 x 290 x 160 mm.

Katherm HK 290.

915 x 320 x 130 mm.

Katherm HK 320.

1200 x 290 x 160 mm.

Katherm HK 290.

1200 x 320 x 130 mm.

Katherm HK 320.

1700 x 290 x 160 mm.

Katherm HK 290.

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Grille finish

Black anodized aluminium.

Natural anodized aluminium.

Stainless steel.




Unit with BMS-interface including factory-fitted transformer.
Power supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz. Fan speed control, 20–100% via 0–10 V DC BMS contact.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture



Technical catalogue Katherm HK + Katherm HKE

Technical catalogue Katherm HK + Katherm HKE

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