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Kampmann UK Ltd.

Kampmann UK Ltd.

Kampmann is one of the leading companies in the HVAC industry.

+44 (0)1932 228592 www.kampmann.co.uk

Kampmann UK Ltd. is part of the Kampmann Group of companies that has it´s HQ in Germany.

Kampmann is a leading manufacturer of HVAC products distributing globally. Kampmann UK is responsible for the distribution of products across the UK.

Products within the following product ranges are being offered:

Trench Technology

Design Grilles

Unit Heaters

Fan Coils

Perimeter Heating

Air Purifier KA-520

Decentralised Ventilation Units

Door Air Curtains


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Katherm HK

Katherm HK

Katherm NK

Katherm NK

Katherm QK

Katherm QK

Trade names

  • Katherm
  • Katherm HK
  • Optiline
  • Kampmann
  • Katherm NK
  • Katherm QK
  • Katherm QK nano
  • Katherm HK E
  • Katherm QL
  • Katherm QE
  • TIP
  • TOP
  • TOP C
  • Ultra
  • Venkon
  • Venkon XL
  • KaDeck
  • KaCool
  • PowerKon
  • PowerKon +F
  • PowerKon +W
  • PowerKon +ST
  • PowerKon nano
  • Perimeter Casings
  • AirPurifier
  • UniLine
  • Cassette UniLine
  • Tandem
  • ProtecTor
  • Design Grilles
  • Trench Technology
  • Fan Coils
  • Unit Heaters
  • Perimeter Heating