Rolled self-supporting, dovetailed steel reinforcement sheets which are used for reinforcing thin screeded floors on timber joisted floors. By adding special resilient layers under the sheets, excellent acoustic performance can be achieved while providing all the benefits of a screeded surface.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Quick and simple to use.
  • High acoustic performance.
  • Underfloor heating can be incorporated.
  • Low construction height - typically a 50 mm screed is used.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_51_89 Steel profiled sheetPrimary


E20/225 Permanent formwork for suspended floors

E30/240 Proprietary prefabricated reinforcement

G10/176 Profiled sheet for shuttering/ composite floor slabs

M10/392 General reinforcement

Specification data - Steel profiled sheet

Product Reference

Karma Lewis Sheeting



Karma acoustic perimeter strip

Standard product features

Size (l x w):

2500 x 630 mm.

Effective width:

580/ 610 mm depending on overlap.