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Mainly used in facades and windows in double or triple glazing.


Solar control and low emissivity coated glazing which offers a range of energy performance properties (light transmission, G-value, U-value, light reflection), and has the benefit of a neutral appearance. Suitable for double or triple glazed facades and windows.

Features and benefits:

  • The range of soft coatings (type C following EN 1096-1) provides great neutral aesthetics plus excellent light and energy performances.
  • Delivers high levels of selectivity - the ratio between light transmission and solar protection.
  • Lowers air-conditioning and heating costs, while offering the highest level of natural lighting.
  • Offers very low thermal insulation (Ug value 1.1 or 1.0 W/m²K).


Mainly used in facades and windows in double or triple glazing.

General information

Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Uniclass 2015 Annealed glass sheets (Pr_25_71_33_02)
Specification data
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Bright neutral

Bright white

Light grey 60/33

Neutral 50/27

Neutral 70/37

Platin 25/17

Platin 47/29

Shine 40/22

Sky 30/17

Ultraselect 62/29


Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


20 mm maximum, insert requirements.

Additional requirements

See 'Options' below and insert requirements or remove this property.

Product Options


- Selectivity:

  • Bright neutral: 1.30 (light transmission: 55; solar factor: 42%).
  • Bright white: 1.24 (light transmission: 56; solar factor: 45%).
  • Light grey 60/33: 1.81 (light transmission: 60; solar factor: 33%).
  • Neutral 50/27: 1.85 (light transmission: 50; solar factor: 27%).
  • Neutral 70/37: 1.89 (light transmission: 70; solar factor: 37%).
  • Platin 25/17: 1.47 (light transmission: 25; solar factor: 17%).
  • Platin 47/29: 1.56 (light transmission: 47; solar factor: 29%).
  • Shine 40/22: 1.82 (light transmission: 40; solar factor: 22%).
  • Sky 30/17: 1.76 (light transmission: 30; solar factor: 17%).
  • Ultraselect 62/29: 2.14 (light transmission: 62; solar factor: 29%).

Additional requirements:

Additional processing possibilities, such as silkscreen printing on the glass with the coating on top of it, offer original aesthetics and complete the portfolio.

Consult the manufacturer for further details.