AGC Glass UK Ltd

AGC Glass UK Ltd

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AGC Glass Europe creates, manufactures, processes and distributes flat glass for the construction trade (exterior glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive industry, the solar industry and other specialist sectors. We are the European branch of AGC Glass, the world's largest flat glass manufacturer. AGC Glass Europe employs 13,500 people who are passionate about our planet. Are you? The baseline ‘Glass Unlimited’ reflects the boundless possibilities of glass; a material that meets a growing number of requirements (comfort, energy management, health and safety, aesthetic appearance). Innovative products and processes; made possible thanks to constant research in advanced glass technology. AGC’s industrial facilities; more than 100 units for manufacturing, processing and distribution throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia. AGC’s global sales network; our personnel, motivated by excellence and innovation.

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Trade names

  • Artlite
  • Blackpearl
  • Clearsight
  • Clearvision
  • Fix-In
  • Glassiled
  • Imagin
  • Ipasol
  • Lacobel
  • Lacobel T
  • Lacomat
  • Matelac
  • Matelac T
  • Matelux
  • Mirox New Generation
  • Planibel
  • Planibel Easy
  • Pyrobel
  • Pyrobelite & Pyrobel
  • Stopray
  • Stopsol
  • Stratobel
  • Stratophone
  • Sunergy
  • Sunewat