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As a high build intermediate to provide barrier protection as part of a high performance system in aggressive environments, including offshore structures, bridges, chemical and petrochemical plants and power stations. The incorporation of plate-like micaceous iron oxide pigment both increases the barrier effect and improves long term overcoating properties of the system making this material suitable for application in the fabrication shop, prior to shipping, with final overcoating at site. The rapid curing and overcoating properties of Intercure 384 provide production flexibility, making this product suitable for use both in new construction and on site as a maintenance coating.

Intercure 384 is not designed for continuous water immersion. Please consult International Protective Coatings for specific information regarding application to prefabrication primers.


Features and benefits:

  • Barrier protection.
  • Low temperature cure and rapid overcoating properties.
  • Pigmented with micaceous iron oxide to comply with the requirements of BS EN 5493.
  • Low VOC.

General information



Silver grey MIO.




Epoxy iron oxide


Pr_35_31_68_66 Powder coatingsPrimary


G10/630 Galvanizing plus site-applied

G10/635 Thermally sprayed zinc coating plus site-applied

G10/638 Shop priming

G10/640 Shop painting

G10/643 Protective painting

G10/65 Shop priming for

G10/650 Site painting

G10/660 Shop plus site painting

G12/20 Shop priming

G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

G12/650 Shop priming

Specification data - Powder coatings

Powder formulation

Suitable for industrial environment.

Suitable for high performance system in aggressive environments including offshore structures, bridges, chemical and petrochemical plants and power stations.


Application of powder coating.

Product Reference

Intercure® 384

Wet film thickness (minimum)

174–243 μm.

Microns wet.

Dry film thickness

125–175 μm.

Microns dry.


Intercure 200HS.

Intercure 202.

Intercure 324.

Intergard 251.

Intergard 269.

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Top coat

Interfine 629HS.

Intergard 740.

Interthane 990.

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