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Interchar® 3120


Commercial, industrial, public and transport buildings such as:

  • Airport terminals.
  • Leisure facilities.
  • Convention centres.
  • High-rise buildings.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Industrial complexes.
  • Hotels.

All steel surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination prior to application. Consult manufacturer for more details on surface preparation.


Two-component, modified epoxy intumescent coating for cellulosic passive fire protection (PFP). Low volatile organic compound (VOC) and boron-free coating designed to provide fire protection to structural steelwork.

Features and benefits

  • Suitable for use on both open and closed structural sections.
  • Flash point (typical): Part A, ˃111°C. Part B: ˃111°C. Mixed: ˃ 111°C.
  • Spray applied and requires no form of reinforcement.
  • Can be used direct to metal or over approved primers; on single or plural spray equipment; topcoated or not topcoated; on 'I' sections, hollow sections and cellular beams.
  • Utilizes durable epoxy technology to provide a material that allows steelwork to be fabricated and fire-protected away from the construction site.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Certified to BS 476 and BS EN 13381.

General information



Light Grey (Part A - Black; Part B - White).





Two-component, modified epoxy intumescent coating.


Pr_35_31_68_43 Intumescent protective coatingsPrimary


M61/110 On-site coating to primed steel

M61/115 On-site coating to galvanized steel

M61/120 On-site coating to existing steel

M61/140 On-site overcoating to existing steel

M61/150 Off-site coating to unprimed steel

M61/160 Off-site coating to primed steel

M61/170 Off-site coating to galvanized steel

Specification data - Intumescent protective coatings Enhanced data




Applying coating.

Product Reference

Interchar® 3120

Volume solids

100 %.

To ISO 3233.


0.75 m².

1 kg provides 1 mm of fire protection.

Drying time


At 10°C hard dry. Touch dry, 16-hours. 

(At 15°C: Touch dry, 16-hours. Hard dry, 22-hours. At 25°C: Touch dry, 7-hours. Hard dry, 16-hours. At 40°C: Touch dry, 3-hours. Hard dry, 4-hours.)

VOC content

21 g/L.

To EPA Method 24.


Intercure 200HS.

Intergard 251.

Intergard 2511.

Intergard 251HS.

Intergard 2509.

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Top coat

Interfine 1080.

Interfine 878.

Interfine 979.

Interthane 990.

Interthane 990SG.

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