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Intelivent Wall Unit

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WLU270 - Louvre, damper and grille

GDL Air Systems Ltd Variant:

Wall mounted controllable ventilator for installation in external facades.

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GDL Intelivent wall mounted units allow natural fresh air to enter buildings through external weather louvres. The air passes through a series of grilles and dampers allowing for a controlled environment purely using fresh air, eliminating the need for costly mechanical arrangements.

The wall mounted units can be manufactured to fit any bespoke size and can work in harmony with all other products within the Intelivent range.

General information

Specification data - Natural ventilation systems

Ventilation inlet openings

Dampers (aluminium/ mild steel) and louvres.

Natural ventilation dampers – Ultra low leakage/ thermally insulated blades:

  • Material/grade: Blades: 1.2 mm Aluminium; Casing: 1.2 mm galvanized mild steel.
  • Damper type: DL533+3M.
  • Frame type: 35 mm flanges.
  • Case depth: 120 mm.
  • Connection Type: Flanged.
  • Motor type: Belimo SM24-ASR fully modulating Actuator 0-10V.
  • Bearings: Punch formed casing bushes.
  • Seals: Fully sealed case and blades.
  • Finish: Galvanized case and aluminium blades.
  • Insulated blades: Filled internally with styrene insulation to give a unit U-value 1.6 W/m²k.
  • Leakage rate: 5 m³/hr/m².
  • Maximum size: 1450 x 1400 mm in one module.

Dampers (PVC-U) and louvres.

Natural ventilation dampers – Ultra low leakage (uPVC):

  • Material/grade: Blades: Extruded rigid uPVC; Casing: Extruded rigid uPVC.
  • Damper type: LF uPVC-VCD.
  • Frame type: 40 mm Flanges.
  • Case Depth: 130 mm.
  • Connection type: Flanged.
  • Motor type: Belimo SM24-ASR or Siemens GEB161.1E 24v fully modulating Actuator 0-10V.
  • Bearings: Punch formed casing bushes.
  • Seals: Stainless Steel.
  • Finish: White.
  • Blades: uPVC construction to give a unit U-value 1.2 W/m²k.
  • Leakage rate: 2.76 m³/hr/m² @ 50 Pa.
  • Maximum size: 1500 x 1000 in one module.


Motor-driven damper actuators - Siemens OpenAir™.


Egg crate grille.

Fixed linear bar grilles.

  • Material/grade – Frame: 1.6 mm aluminium; Core: 6 mm thick bars pitched on 12.5 mm centres, aluminium.
  • Grille type: S3300+1C.
  • Frame type: 30 mm Flanges.
  • Depth: 54 mm.
  • Finish/colour: Polyester powder-coated, to a standard colour from BS 4800 or RAL ranges.

Refer to the Fixed Linear Bar Grilles Data Sheet for frame style, core, accessories, fixings and finish options and insert requirements.

Ventilation openings

50 mm single bank weather louvres.

  • Style GDL Air Systems Ltd W5050+2C extruded aluminium weather louvre. Single pass/bank.
  • Performance giving 98% effectiveness when measured at natural ventilation rate to the BSRIA test routine (13 m/s wind driving 75 mm/hr rain at the face of the louvre).
  • Free area 50% at 1 m high (physical free area).
  • Pitch 50 mm, with blades mounted on mullions set at 45°.
  • Material aluminium extrusions to BS 1474, grade 6063.TS for blades and 6082 for mullions – blade thickness 1.6 mm.
  • Construction: Factory assembled panels.
  • Finishes mill (unpainted) or polyester powder-coated (to GDL's standard range). Insert requirements.
  • Trims flanged (40 mm face flange – picture frame effect) or framed (knife edge effect). Insert requirements.
  • From 600 x 600 mm to 3000 x 2000 mm in a single unit. Insert requirements.


Wall casing sleeve and galvanized steel bird guard/ vermin guard.

Wall casing sleeve:

  • Grade: Casing: 1.2 mm galvanized mild steel.
  • Joints: All fully welded and dressed.
  • Internal finish: Fully lined with black 12 mm pyrosorb foam.
  • Finish: Mill finish or PPC to any standard RAL or BS colour.


Siemens Climatix Controllers, interface units and wall-mounted sensors and room operator units.

Consult manufacturer's literature for details and options.

Ventilation opening control

Room operator units.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Intelivent Wall Unit

Intelivent Wall Unit

50mm Single Bank Weather Louvres

50mm Single Bank Weather Louvres

Fixed Linear Bar Grilles

Fixed Linear Bar Grilles

Low Leakage Insulated Dampers

Low Leakage Insulated Dampers

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