IKO Rubershield Pro Extra

IKO Rubershield Pro Extra

IKO PLC Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Low resistance membrane, for use within pitched roofing.

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The product can be used within cold roof, ventilated and unventilated pitched roofing.


A 160 g/m² low resistance membrane, for use within pitched roofing.

IKO has a range of essential system components, specifically tailored to facilitate the use of the IKO Rubershield membranes within pitched roofing. The following represents the system components available as part of that range:

  • IKO Rubershield Joint Tape – a 50 mm wide double-sided reinforced tape.
  • IKO Eaves Protection Strip (available separately) – available as 330 or 500 mm wide strip of high performance polyester based roofing (BS 8747 Type 5U) designed to give long term protection at the eaves position of a pitched roof arrangement.
  • IKO Flash (available separately) – a lead free flashing system made from modified polyethylene compound, with integral aluminium mesh reinforcement and faced with a fine grey mineral. IKO Flash can be used for abutment flashings and pitched valley linings.

Features and benefits:

  • Multi-purpose - BBA certified for use within unventilated warm/ cold roof constructions
  • Breathable - allows the passage of harmful water vapour.
  • Weather resistant - acts as a secondary barrier to liquid water, wind driven snow and debris. Compliant with BS 5534:2014 - BRE tested product.
  • Lightweight and flexible - ease of transportation and use on-site.
  • CE marked.


The product can be used within cold roof, ventilated and unventilated pitched roofing.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_66 Polymeric membranesPrimary


J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/110 Warm deck roof covering

J42/130 Cold deck roof covering

Specification data - Polymeric membranes

Product Reference

IKO Rubershield Pro Extra

Size (w x l)

1 x 50 m

1.5 x 50 m



IKO Rubershield Joint Tape

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Composition: Three layer polypropylene.
  • Form: Roll.
  • Colour: Green.
  • Mass/ weight: 160 g/m².
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm.
  • Reaction to fire (to EN 13501-1:2007): E.
  • Resistance to water penetration (to EN 1928): W1.
  • Water vapour transmission (to EN ISO 12572): 0.01 m Sd.
  • Tensile strength (to BS EN 12311-1): Longitudinal: 260 N/50 mm. Transverse: 200 N/50 mm.
  • Elongation (to BS EN 12311-1): Longitudinal/ transverse: 60%.
  • Tear resistance (to BS EN 12310-1): Longitudinal: 100 N. Transverse: 80 N.

- Wind loading:

  • Taped lap: ≤250 and ≤345 mm batten gauge: Zones 1-5.
  • Battened lap: ≤345 mm batten gauge: Zone 1-2. ≤250 mm batten gauge: Zones 1-5.

Third party certifications

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