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Titan is a standard stock system with a range of components suitable for cavity widths between 70–150 mm (brackets for larger cavity widths are available on request). The system can be specified for loadings up to 14 kN/m.

The Titan System consists of a front loaded shelf angle, brackets, lock washers, shims and bolts. It facilitates easy front installation of the masonry support shelf, and is designed to accommodate typical build tolerances onsite, ensuring accurate installations. It is suitable for use with any outer leaf material: brickwork, fairface blockwork, rendered blockwork and reconstituted stone.

Providing significant adjustability in all three planes the system ensures that building tolerances can be accommodated and contact with the reinforcing bar can be avoided when drilling holes. Shims can be inserted between the support structure and the bracket giving adjustability along the Z axis. A toothed lock washer inserted into a serrated slot in the support bracket accommodates adjustability on the Y axis. The support brackets on the Titan System allow adjustment on the X axis.

Features and benefits:

  • Standard stock product.
  • Front fit loading for ease of installation.
  • Significant adjustability in three axes.
  • Vertical adjustment of ±22 mm is achievable via the toothed lock washer. Fine adjustment is achieved by rotating the washer through 180°.
  • Lateral adjustment of the support brackets by ±25 mm is achievable.
  • To accommodate a small increase in cavity width, up to three shims can be inserted between the support structure and the bracket (12 mm maximum).
  • Off plumb adjustment with patented Wedged Shim.
  • Reduces risk of working with heavy masonry at height.
  • Fast installation
  • Reduced onsite labour requirement.
  • Suitable for cavity widths: 70–150 mm (Consult IG technical team for cavity widths exceeding 150 mm).
  • CE marked to BS EN 1090-1.
  • NSAI marked to IS EN 1090-1.
  • NSAI marked to IS EN 1090-1.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

IG TITAN Masonry Support System



Designed load: 8 kN/m. Angle length: 1190 mm. Bracket centres: 600 mm.


Designed load: 10 kN/m. Angle length: 990 mm. Bracket centres: 500 mm.


Designed load: 12 kN/m. Angle length: 990 mm. Bracket centres: 500 mm.


Designed load: 14 kN/m. Angle length: 790 mm. Bracket centres: 400 mm.



2 mm shim

Nylon (supplied as standard).

4 mm shim

Stainless steel.

5 mm shim

Stainless steel.

6 mm shim

Stainless steel.

Wedge shim

Allows brackets to be secured flush to support structure even when it is 'off-plumb'.

HD BOLT M12x60

Bolt for steel, 12 mm drill hole diameter. Torque: 30 Nm. Blindbolt.

RG M 12x120 A4

Bolt for concrete, 14 mm drill hole diameter. Torque: 40 Nm. Fischer.


Bolt for steel, 14 mm drill hole diameter. Torque: 73.5 Nm. Fit-Lock.

T Head Bolt A2

For Cast in Channel. Torque 50 Nm.

Product Options


- Shims:

  • All shims available in either 170 mm and 200 mm height.
  • Maximum allowance. 3 no. shims to be used per bracket up to 12 mm. Exceeding these restrictions would require confirmation from IG Masonry Support technical department.


For guidance on bolt specification contact IG Masonry Support.

Third party certifications
  • CE marked to BS EN 1090-1.