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Hyload Protection Board


This product is employed directly over damp proofing membranes and structural waterproofing membranes i.e. tanking. It is essential to include the product to ensure that membranes are suitably protected prior to any form of trafficking, concrete reinforcement work, concrete placement and backfilling operations. The product is also often specified as temporary protection to finished work i.e. completed floors, and finished works.


IKO Hyload Protection Board is a tough, flexible polymeric board for protecting membranes against damage caused by pedestrian/vehicular traffic, and abrasion caused by backfilling.

Features and benefits:

  • Rot resistant - provides permanent protection.
  • Resistant to contaminants including the alkali attack contained within normal soil conditions.
  • Flexible, robust and easy to cut/ fold.


– Horizontal:

  • In normal conditions, the board should be loose-laid with butt joints onto the area to be protected.
  • Joints must be over-taped using self-adhesive vinyl tape.
  • This reinforces the joint and helps to secure the board in place whilst also preventing aggregate fines being washed down on to the protected surface.

– Vertical:

  • Can be temporarily secured to the vertical surface using Hyload DPC Jointing Tape.
  • Three strips of tape should be positioned parallel to the longest side and equidistant across the board. Remove the silicon release paper and press the board into position.
  • These methods are sufficient to hold the boards in position whilst back-filling.

Change in length - dry at 80°C:

  • After 24 hours: -0.4%.
  • After one week: -0.4%.

Change in length - wet at 80°C:

  • After 24 hours: -0.4%.
  • After one week: +1.4%.

General information








2000 mm


1000 mm


3 mm


Pr_25_71_63_63 Plastics composite laminate strips and boardsPrimary


J30/330 Protection of external coatings

J30/80 Protection of coatings

J40/380 Protection boards for damp-proofing/ tanking

J40/70 Protection boards for damp-proofing/ tanking

Product range

Structural Waterproofing Ancillary

Specification data - Plastics composite laminate strips and boards

Finished size

2000 x 1000 mm.


3 mm.




10.5 kg.

Board weight.

Nominal weight

5.25 kg/m².

Water absorption

To BS 2782 430A, 0.4%.

Impact resistance

To ISO 6603-2: 1989, 1597 N.


IKO Hyload Structural Waterproofing Guide

IKO Hyload Structural Waterproofing Guide