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HUSH-Mesh Firewire


Hush-Mesh Firewire is used in conjunction with Hush-Slab 100 Sound Absorber, to create a 1 hour fire resistance at ceiling level. Hush-Mesh Firewire enables work to be carried out from above in situations where the appropriate fire resistance cannot be applied to the ceiling side of the separating floor.


  • Creates a one hour fire resistance used in conjunction with Hush-Slab 100 within a timber joisted separating floor.
  • Ideal for use above lath and plaster ceilings or where work can only be carried out from above.
  • Compatible with a range of Hush®-Systems, designed to exceed the current Building Regulation requirements of Part E (England and Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland).

General information


20 g galvanized steel mesh


Pr_25_57_56_27 Expanded metal meshPrimary


K11/275 Acoustic separating floor system

K11/295 Floating floor system

P10/250 Insulation supported between floor joists

P10/50 Insulation supported between joists

Product range


Specification data - Expanded metal mesh

Product Reference

Hush-Mesh Firewire

Standard product features


20 g galvanized steel mesh.

Roll size (w x l):

1.2 x 50 m.

Third party certifications

  • Fire Test - Certificate FR907