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HUSH-Fill 60


Hush-Fill 60 is a 2–10 mm granular mineral filler, packed in sealed polythene tubes, specifically designed to meet the required density of 80 kgs/m² at the 60 mm regulation depth specified within UK Building Regulations for sound insulation between timber floor joists. It is a most effective means of reducing the airborne sound transmission between separating floors within a timber construction and has been expressly packaged to enable easy and accurate installation.

Joist loadings must always be checked by a structural engineer prior to specification or use.

Hush-Fill 60 must never be installed directly onto a plasterboard or lath and plaster ceiling, supporting shelves of 9 mm plywood screwed to the underside of the joists or on a shelf constructed between the joists should be provided. Hush-Fill 60 tubes weigh approximately 25 kg each and care must be taken when manually handling and lifting. 3.2 tubes cover 1 m² at 60 mm depth.


  • Traditional method of reducing the transmission of airborne sound between timber separating floors within refurbishment projects.
  • Upgrades the airborne performance of separating floors whilst allowing decorative lath and plaster ceilings to remain intact.
  • Ideal for projects where restrictions apply, such as upgrading listed buildings.
  • Compatible with a range of Hush®-Systems, designed to exceed the current Building Regulation requirements of Part E (England and Wales), Part G (Northern Ireland) and Section 5 (Scotland).
  • Comprises 2–10 mm dry mineral fill, packed in polythene tubes which double as the required liner below the fill.

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Pr_25_57_06_54 Mineral wool resilient layer sound insulationPrimary


K11/275 Acoustic separating floor system

K11/295 Floating floor system

P10/270 Heavy pugging

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Joist Infills

Specification data - Mineral wool resilient layer sound insulation

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Hush-Fill 60

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60 mm.


HUSH Fill 60 Heavy Pugging

HUSH Fill 60 Heavy Pugging

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