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NBS Source


It can be installed using existing panel handling and installation methods. Suitable for interior built environment applications including:

  • Shop fittings.
  • Wall cladding and ceilings.
  • Ephemeral projects.
  • Joinery and furniture parts.


The HONEXT® Panel is the next-generation fibreboard. Its sustainability profile comes from the raw material sourcing, the end-of-life solutions that it allows and the distinctive manufacturing process. It is manufactured through the carbon-neutral, bio-based industrial HONEXT® process, which is resin-free, zero-waste and reinforces the bonds between cellulose fibres.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully recyclable, non-toxic, and entirely made from upcycled waste fibres.
  • Particularly suitable for interior use, with competitive mechanical and thermodynamic properties.
  • Flexible and lighter than traditional MD fibreboards.
  • No added VOCs.
  • Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified and Material Health Silver Certified.
  • Greater sound absorption properties than traditional building materials.
  • Resistant to moisture, water vapor and fire.
  • Can be finished with all decorative applications for the aesthetics and performance qualities desired for final applications.
  • Can be laminated and combined with other materials using common production techniques.
  • Durability of at least 25 years in use.

General information


Medium density fibreboard (MDF)




2440 mm


1220 mm


Pr_25_71_97_53 Medium-density fibreboardsPrimary


K11/875 Medium-density fibreboard

K11/59 Medium-density fibreboard

P20/200 Medium-density fibreboard

P20/35 Medium-density fibreboard

Specification data - Medium-density fibreboards

Reaction to fire classification


Excluding flooring

To BS EN 13501-1, Class C-s1, d0.

VOC emissions

To emission criteria of BREEAM Hea 02 Indoor air quality, TVOC less than 1.0 mg/m³; Carcinogenic substances not detectable (< 0,001 mg/m³); Formaldehyde less than 0.06 mg/m³.

After 28 days.

Sheet size

2440 x 1220 mm.


12 mm.

Recycled content (minimum)



540 kg/m³.


To EN 323, 540 kg/m³.


To EN 322, 7.6%.

Release of dangerous substances

Content, emission and/or release of dangerous substances.

To EN 16516, 85 μg/m³.

(At 28 days).

Vapour Permeability

To ISO 12572:2018, 2.7 μ.


Swelling in thickness.

To EN 317:1994, 13.5%.

Reaction to fire

To EN 13823, C-s1,d0.


Sound insulation

Airborne sound insulation (surface mass).

To ISO 354:2004, 24 dB.

Acoustical Performance

Acoustic absorption.

To ISO 354:2004, 0.15 αw.


To EN 12664:2002, 0.093 W/m·K.

Impact resistance

Soft/hard impact body energy.

1.200 N·m (soft); 10 N·m (hard).

Environmental information



Recycled content

100 %

Made from 100% recycled paper fibres and cellulose. 

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