Holt Pull Handles

The Holt pull handle is crafted in the UK from the finest European oak and then precision finished with 5% matt interior lacquer. Durable steel components are inserted into the pull handle to provide the base strength for all fixings.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for interior applications (also available for external applications on request).
  • Unifying super circular design for comfortable use by the elderly and arthritic.
  • Warm to the touch.
  • Lacquered finish that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Concealed fixings.
  • In accordance with the recommendations of BS 8300 and Approved Document M. Between 29 and 56% lower embodied energy than comparable stainless steel products (dependent on Iength).
  • Bolt through, back-to-back or secret face fixings.
  • Five-year warranty.

General information


HO - Holt European oak with 5% matt interior lacquer

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_59_64 Pull handlesPrimary


P21/42 Pull handles

P21/641 Pull handles

Specification data - Pull handles

Product Reference


Holt pull handle 600 mm long with 300 mm centres.


Holt pull handle 900 mm long with 400 mm centres.


Holt pull handle 1200 mm long with 600 mm centres.


Holt pull handle 1800 mm long with 2no 600 mm centres.


Holt pull handle 2400 mm long with 2no 900 mm centres.

Fixing options


Pair of pull handles with back-to-back fixings.


Single pull handle with Bolt Through fixings


Single pull handle with Secret Face fixings.

Standard product features


HO - Holt European oak with 5% matt interior lacquer.

Product Options

Fixing options:

Apply one of the fixing suffixes to the part number of the pull handle you require. Consult manufacturer for information.

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