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Hey'Di K11 - Cementitious Tanking System

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Sovereign Chemicals Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Salt resistant cementitious tanking compound as part of the HEY'DI K11 tanking system.

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Can be used on the external side of buildings below ground level where positive pressure exists, or on the internal (negative) side, without the need to build supporting walls. Used in conjunction with Hey'di SBR Bonding Agent. Sovereign Hey'Di Powder X can be used to stop running water penetrating through the masonry before tanking.

Sovereign Hey’di K11 can also be used in many other waterproofing applications such as:

  • Water retaining structures such as bunds, fishponds and water tanks – Suitable for use with potable water.
  • Salt contaminated walls: Prevents the movement of hygroscopic salts to the surface, i.e. chimney breasts, or where old livestock buildings are to be converted to habitable accommodation.
  • Inspections pits and lift shafts.
  • Swimming pools: Used to waterproof the shell prior to tiling.
  • In lieu of a DPC: Where it is impractical to drill and inject, i.e. random, thick or party walls. A single coat of K11 Grey applied to a minimum of 1.5 m above ground level will suffice.


A salt resistant cementitious tanking compound for the protection of structures against water from the ground and structures which may potentially be subject to hydrostatic pressure.

Features and benefits:

  • Once cured K11 is impervious to water and the system has been independently tested to withstand greater than 15 bars of pressure on the negative side (over 150 m head of water) with a coating thickness of 4 mm in two coats.
  • Salt resistant cementitious tanking compound.
  • Can be Applied on the negative and positive sides of the structure.
  • Withstands greater than 10 bars of pressure.

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Pr_20_31_53_14 Cementitious tanking mortarsPrimary


J10/110 Proprietary mortar

Product range

Hey'di K11 System

Specification data - Cementitious tanking mortars

Third party product certification

BBA Agrément Certificate.





Dry powder.


2 kg per m² above ground level (1 coat), 4 Kg per m² below ground level (2 coats).

Guidance for specification option:

Available in 25 kg packs.

Pack size

25 kg.

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate

K11 Slurry BBA Certificate


Hey'di K11 TDS

Hey'di K11 TDS