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HD1037 Hush Batten 55 System MF

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Hush Acoustics

Acoustic separating floor/ ceiling system for concrete separating floors which uses acoustic battens to add separation, resulting in the effective reduction of impact and airborne sound transmission.

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Suitable for use in separating floor/ ceiling constructions in conversion, refurbishment and new build developments. The system can be used to reduce sound transmission in domestic dwellings – houses and apartments – as well as buildings used for education, hotels, care homes, offices and hospitals.

Any building constructed using concrete separating floors may benefit from this system providing the floor and ceiling can both be treated.

Summary of building types that are most suitable for this system :

  • Domestic (houses and apartments/ flats)
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Student accommodation buildings
  • Commercial offices


The HD1037 Hush Batten 55 System MF provides a highly effective acoustic solution for concrete separating floors through the use of the Hush Acoustic Batten Systems range.

The system combines these resilient floor battens with a number of other sound insulating materials to create a floating floor that very effectively reduces impact and airborne sound transmission.

The design of the HD1037 system means that it creates a service void above and below the structure. This is due to the acoustic battens above the concrete slab and through the installation of Hush MF ceiling system below.

Its sound reduction performance capabilities make it suitable for new build, conversion and refurbishment projects.

HD1037 complies with all the UK Building Regulations relating to acoustics - Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland). And it provides a 1 hour fire resistance.

How the HD1037 system is formed:

  • The Hush Batten system is installed over concrete structure.
  • A Hush-Felt 10 resilient layer is installed to cover the entire floor area.
  • Hush-Batten 55 Acoustic Battens are installed felt face down over the Hush-Felt layer at required centres.
  • 18mm/22mm T&G chipboard is screwed and glued fixed to the top of the Hush-Batten 55 with the perimeters of the chipboard isolated using the Hush range of flanking strips to suit.
  • The Hush-MF system is fitted to the underside of the concrete structure. It is important to ensure that a minimum 150mm void is created from the back of the concrete structure to the back of the plasterboard lining.
  • Hush-Slab 100 Sound Absorber is fitted tightly together within the ceiling void.
  • A double plasterboard layer is installed to the underside of the Hush-MF system consisting of 19mm Plasterboard Plank and 12.5mm Soundbloc.
  • All perimeters are sealed with the Hush Acoustic Sealant prior to skimming.

Acoustic Performance*

Impact (LnTw) - 51 dB

Airborne (DnTw) - 55 dB

Airborne (DnTW+Ctr) - 49 dB

* Hush Batten 55 System MF HD1037 results are based on all Hush components being used as the data shown above and installed as per the Hush installation guides.

Features and benefits:

  • Building Regulations Approved Document E (E&W), Technical Handbook Section 5 (Scotland) and Technical Handbook G (Northern Ireland) compliant.
  • Achieves a one-hour fire resistance.
  • Creates a service void above and below the structure.
  • Excellent airborne and impact performance due to floor and ceiling voids.


  • 18/ 22 mm thick particleboard deck – supplied by others.
  • Hush Bond – to glue joints.
  • Hush Seal 20 – to seal perimeters.
  • Hush Batten 55 – loose laid.
  • Hush Felt Underlay.
  • 200 mm thick concrete slab – supplied by others.
  • Hush MF Ceiling System – installed to the underside of the structure.
  • Hush Slab 100 – fitted tightly together within the ceiling void.
  • 19 mm plasterboard plank – supplied by others.
  • 12.5 mm thick Gyproc Soundbloc plasterboard – supplied by others.
  • Hush Acoustic Sealant – to seal all perimeters.

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Mineral wool

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Ss_30_25_10_35 Gypsum board suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K11/275 Acoustic separating floor system

Product range

Concrete Floor and Ceiling Systems

Specification data - Gypsum board suspended ceiling systems

Suspension grid

Hush MF Ceiling System.

Metal grid system with acoustic hangers.

Barriers in ceiling void


Acoustic barriers

Hush Slab 100.

  • Description: Sound absorber.
  • Material: Mineral wool.
  • Size (w x L): 600 x 1200 mm.
  • Thickness: 100 mm.



Inner layers

Hush Felt Underlay.

  • Description: Resilient layer.
  • Size (w x L): 1.37 x 11 m.
  • Thickness: 10 mm.


Hush Bond.

Panel adhesive.

Joint treatment

Hush Seal 20.

Perimeter seals

Hush Seal 20.

  • Description: Perimeter seal.
  • Material: Compressible solid foam tube.
  • Diameter: 20 mm.


Hush Batten 55.

  • Description: Resilient flooring battens.
  • Material: Timber bonded to 10 mm thick Hushfelt™ resilient layer.
  • Size (w x L): 45 x 1800 mm.
  • Depth: 55 mm.

Acoustic seal

Hush Acoustic Sealant.

  • Description: Fire rated acoustic sealant/ adhesive.
  • Material: Intumescent acrylic.

Acoustic performance

Impact (Lntw): 51 dB.

Airborne (Dntw): 55 dB.

Airborne (Dntw +Ctr): 49 dB.


Hush System HD1037 Batten 55 MF

Hush System HD1037 Batten 55 MF

Hush Acoustics Products and Systems Brochure

Hush Acoustics Products and Systems Brochure

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