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Rounded grip-top handrail and protection rail, with the option of colour-contrasting effects. The extruded rail and accessories are manufactured using Vinylac over either a pre-formed MDF core or an aluminium core.


  • Injection moulded wall return ends, internal and external corners.
  • Optional 75 mm mid-grey insert in choice of finishes; special colours available.
  • Rail: Stippled finish, 125 mm high, 42 mm diameter 'grip-top', 3.5 m lengths.
  • Standard 60 mm cream PVC-U wall spacers providing an overall projection of 80 mm.


The Guardian, Premier and Stand Off Handrails do not contravene the DDA requirements when installed in either Hospital Wards or Corridors. - The current Building Regulations: Approved Document M (2010), BS 8300: 2009 + A1: 2010, HBN 00-04 and HTM 69 all provide ‘guidance and recommendations’ for handrails and their dimensions, but some of this in formation only applies to handrails that are fitted to ‘stairways, external stepped and ramped access’.

Extruded Textured Material fire tested to:

  • B, s2, d0.
  • BS EN 13823:2010 + A1:2014.
  • BS EN ISO 11925 - 2: 2010.
  • BS EN 13501 - 1: 2007 + A1:2009.
  • BS 476: Part 7: 1997 - The surface spread of flame of products- Class 1Y.
  • BS 476: Part 6: 1989 + A1:2009- Fire propagation for products - Class O - As defined in the latest Building Regulations, Approved Document B (Fire Safety).
  • A1: 2010, HBN 00-04 & HTM 69.

VOC Emissions

Yeoman Shield PVCu Falmouth Wall & Door Protection panels have been tested for VOC to ISO 16000-10:2006 Indoor air - Part 10.


The test showed the following results:


<10 µg m‑2 h‑1 for TVOC

<5 µg m‑2 h‑1 for Formaldehyde


The interpretation of these results by BRE are if all the walls (less door and window) of the 30 m3 reference room described in BS EN 16515‑2017

(with a ventilation rate of 0.5 air changes per hour) were clad with our Yeoman Shield PVCu Falmouth Wall & Door Protection Panels, the increase in TVOC in the room would

be <20 µg m‑3 for TVOC and <10 µg m‑3 for Formaldehyde and these are deemed to be low.


BREEAM Hea02 has limits of 300 µg m‑3 for TVOC and 100 µg m‑3 for Formaldehyde, so the theoretical increases in TVOC and Formaldehyde from

using our PVCu sheet are deemed as low

General information



Guidance for specification option:

Mid-grey insert.


Guidance for specification option:

Consult manufacturer for details.



Guidance for specification option:

Extruded Vinylac, a specially formulated PVC-U.

Medium density fibreboard (MDF)

Guidance for specification option:



Guidance for specification option:



3500 mm


42 mm

Manufacturer guidance



125 mm

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