GRP Decking Strips
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Suitable for use in both commercial and domestic areas and especially effective in wet conditions. They are designed for areas of decking mainly used by children or vulnerable adults.

Areas of use:

  • Wooden decking;
  • Walkways;
  • Jetties, pontoons and marine slipways;
  • Bridges.


These Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) strips come in medium and extra coarse textures, bringing security underfoot on unprotected decks.

Watco GRP Decking Strips are pre-drilled at approximately 300 mm intervals. One row of holes is drilled in the 50 mm and 90 mm wide strips, two rows in the 120 mm width. Holes are 50 mm in from each end. Screws are supplied for fixing to timber.

Medium Grade Decking Strips are supplied in 1200 mm and 2400 mm lengths and 50 mm or 90 mm widths.

Features and benefits:

  • Waterproof, rotproof and will not warp.
  • Easy fit, all items preformed. Glue or screw fix, pre-drilled for easy fixing to timber and with all screws supplied.
  • Child friendly. Medium coarse option perfect for decks used by children or vulnerable adults.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial decking (unsuitable for barefoot areas).
  • Excellent slip resistance even in the wet.
  • Oil and chemical resistant.
  • Cut to size service available with no charge or can be trimmed on site using a hacksaw if required.
  • Ideal for wet or weak substrates which cannot be adequately prepared for paint.
  • Chamfered edges minimise trip hazards.
  • Helps meet the requirements of the DDA and 2004 Building Regulations.

General information






Glass reinforced plastic




1200 x 50 mm

1200 x 90 mm

1200 x 120 mm

2400 x 50 mm

2400 x 90 mm

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_79 Slip-resistant sheets and stripsPrimary


L30/585 Applied slip resistant

Specification data - Slip-resistant sheets and strips Enhanced data


Glass reinforced plastics.


Pre-finished strip (for insertion).

Slip resistance – water wet (minimum)

80 PVT.






Applying slip-resistant sheets.

Product Reference

GRP Decking Strips

Sheet/ Strip size

1200 x 50 mm.

1200 x 90 mm.

1200 x 120 mm.

2400 x 50 mm.

2400 x 90 mm.

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Data Sheet: GRP Decking Strips

Data Sheet: GRP Decking Strips

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