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A simple and cost effective kerb edge solution. It is quickly installed to any plan profile and suitable for use in a range of situations.

Provides a simple dry laid and low intrusive edge solution for block paving, lawns and gravel paths and drives.

Easily located in position by fixing pins, the units interconnect to form a continuous unbroken structure. Free form layouts are quickly created by a simple saw cut to the base rail, allowing Grasskerb to articulate as required.

Available in depths of 45 and 60 mm Grasskerb can be positioned, for either exposed or concealed installation. With Grasskerb 60, sprinkler pipes can also be incorporated along the purpose-made cradle supports. Supplied in 1 m interconnecting lengths with steel or resin pins.

General information


Manufactured from recycled HDPE

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_45_62 Plastics kerbsPrimary


Q10/200 Special

Specification data - Plastics kerbs

Product Reference



45 mm

For lawns and Grassroad paving or Grassroof applications

60 mm

For block paving and Grassblock paving or Grassroof applications.

Standard product features


Manufactured from recycled HDPE.

Size (w x l):

80 x 1000 mm.



Fixing pins:

7 mm diameter, 250 mm long. 500 mm centres.