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Grass Concrete Ltd

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Grass Concrete Limited was formed in 1970 at the height of the modular system build boom. Its mission from day one was to change the mindsets of designers and developers away from an often dull norm that was increasingly ruinous to the environment. It questioned existing construction methods and championed the use of systems more sympathetic to our environment; key to this process was its then new Grasscrete invention. Grass Concrete Limited was one of the early pioneers of using re-cycled materials in paving systems at a time when “re-cycled” was sometimes disdainfully viewed as being a potentially inferior “second hand”.

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Trade names

  • Betoatlas
  • Betoflor
  • Betotitan
  • Binwall
  • Grassblock
  • Grasscrete
  • Grassroad
  • Grassroof
  • Leromur
  • Tri-lock