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GP Sealant


Joint sealant and adhesive used on substrates.


Low modulus expansion joint sealant and adhesive.

Features and benefits:

  • Ensures bubble free cure.
  • Displays excellent thixotropy.
  • Produces joint sealant with a 50% joint movement accommodation factor.
  • Excellent adhesion on substrates.
  • Extrusion rate and tooling of the sealant remain the same throughout a very wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Tested to EN ISO 11925-2, EN ISO 7389, EN ISO 7390, EN ISO 8339, EN ISO 10563.

General information


Modulus expansion joint sealant.


600 ml

600cc sausage.


Pr_30_31_76_16 Construction joint sealantsPrimary


M40/75 Sealant movement joints

M40/815 Sealant movement joints

H51/630 Movement joints

H51/630 Movement joints

H51/610 Sealant joints

H51/610 Sealant joints

F30/670 Head of non-loadbearing walls

F30/610 Movement joints with sealant

Specification data - Construction joint sealants


EN 15651-1.


Modulus expansion joint sealant.

Fire performance

To BS EN 11925-2, Class E.

Product Reference

GP Sealant

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom