G960 Telescopic Under Floor Void Ventilator

The G960 telescopic underfloor ventilator is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to the void beneath a suspended floor. The telescopic feature enables the G960 to adjust vertically between three and five brick courses; although a G961 vertical extension sleeve is also available for further multiples of two course adjustment as required.

The rear of the vent features a rodent grille consisting of evenly spaced slots specifically sized to prohibit entry of rodents and building debris which could block the vent. The front aperture is able to take a G930 airbrick to achieve correct airflow requirements. The aperture can also accept a standard clay airbrick, albeit with a reduced airflow.

The G960 ventilator should be installed during the normal course of bricklaying. If fitted above the DPC, a suitable cavity tray should be provided. The ventilator should be fitted in at least two opposing walls to create a through flow of air: NHBC recommendations state 'Ventilators should be placed at maximum two metre centres and within 450 mm of each end of the wall'. Bricklaying should then be completed as normal, although care should be taken to keep the air passage clear of mortar droppings.

The G960 should be used in conjunction with other Manthorpe products to provide a complete through wall ventilation system.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_96_92 Ventilation ductsPrimary


F30/17 Ventilation ducts in external walling

F30/171 Ventilation ducts in external walling

F30/242 Surface mounted channels/ slots

Q10/170 Linear slot drainage channel systems

Q10/30 Drainage channel system

Specification data - Ventilation ducts

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G960 Telescopic Under Floor Void Ventilator

Standard product features



Size (l x w x h):

208 x 222 x 212–364 mm (telescopic adjustment, 152 mm).

Free airflow:

6600 mm².

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