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Widely used and versatile window film which is opaque but allows high levels of natural light to pass through. It can also be computer cut or printed onto, making it ideal for privacy, glass decoration, corporate branding and glass manifestation.


  • Enhance the functionality and appearance of glass.
  • More cost effective than frosted glass.
  • Light transmission of up to 80%.


Not all window films are suitable for all glass types – consult The Window Film Company® for details.


This type of window film must be installed by The Window Film Company® to ensure that it complies with the highest possible installation standards to validate the warranty of the product.


Contact manufacturer to obtain samples and additional product literature or visit www.windowfilm.co.uk.


Window film complies with BS 476-6 and -7, Class 0 – Surface Spread of Flame and Ignitability.

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Specification data - Plastics window films
Product Reference

Frostbrite® Window Film

Classic frosted effect film – most popular and most cost effective in range.

Crystal Etch Window Film

Whiter frosted with light sparkle.

Silver Etch Window Film

Slightly darker frosted; greater definition for logos, patters and text.

3M Frosted Crystal Window Film

Frosted film with extra sparkle.

WFC-WMF Window Film

White matt frosted film – cannot be computer cut.

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