Frontier is a state of the art double-loaded, unglazed porcelain range which offers minimalist design to both residential and commercial projects. During production the tiles are automatically squared and rectified to guarantee modularity in all sizes.

General information


Cement R10

Matt R9

Stone R11

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_93_96_19 Ceramic tilesPrimary


M40/110 Tiling to

M40/5 Tiling to

Specification data - Ceramic tiles

Product Reference


Size (w x d)

150 x 150 mm

300 x 300 mm

300 x 900 mm

450 x 450 mm

450 x 900 mm

600 x 600 mm

900 x 900 mm


Breem 2FEM002

Drapier 2FEM004

Drumcon 2FEM005

Faddel 2FEM006

Kilan 2FEM001

Mud 2FEM012

Punted 2FEM010

Recoup 2FEM008

Rendition 2FEM007

Shinker 2FEM011

Trombo 2FEM003

Vandon 2FEM009


Cement R10

Matt R9

Stone R11


Not required

Round top plinth

Square top plinth

Step tread

Standard product features

Tile depth:

11 mm.

Dimensions and surface quality:

Conforms to ISO 10545-2.

Water absorption:

ISO 10545-3: 0.03%.

Flexural strength:

ISO 10545-4: 44 N/mm².

Deep abrasion resistance:

ISO 10545-6: 123 mm³.

Linear thermal expansion:

ISO 10545-8: 7x10-6°C.

Thermal shock resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-9.

Frost resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-12.

Chemical resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-13.

Stain resistance:

ISO 10545-14: Class 5.

Slip resistance:

DIN 51130 - 51097.

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