Fireline 520 Fire Barrier System


Can block smoke, flames and heat from small to large joint openings.

Applicable for the following joint widths:

- 2hr, TM/IM - 102 mm to 610 mm.

- 3hr, TM/IM - 102 mm to 610 mm.

- 2hr/3hr, BM - 102 mm to 610 mm.


Fire barriers are designed to block smoke, flames and heat from small to large joint openings. This helps contain the fire, providing more time for evacuation and arrival of help.

Features and benefits:

  • Tested in accordance with: BS EN 1366-4 [2018] as well as UL 2079 and ULC-S115.
  • Pre-attached flanges and factory made male to female splices ensure consistent installation without relying on Installer's skillset.
  • Three flanges styles exist to provide optimal flexibility to design team to meet any project condition.
  • Applicable to both floor and wall conditions.
  • No fire caulk required at seams.
  • Fireline Waterguard systems also available. This Industry unique waterproof system protects the fire blanket from the elements during construction and throughout the lifecycle of the building. Water reduces the typical blanket's effectiveness and can harbour mould growth.

Tested in accordance with:

  • UL 2079.
  • ULC-S115.
  • BS EN 1366.4.
  • BS 476 (2 and 3 hours).

General information



Impervious stainless steel layering.


Intumescent, ceramic textile.


Nominal joint widths.

100—500 mm


Five year

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_53_53 Metal section movement jointsPrimary


M10/476 Metal section movement joints

M13/375 Strip movement joints

M13/395 Metal section movement joints

M40/80 Strip movement joints

M40/825 Strip movement joints

M40/835 Metal section movement joints

M41/445 Strip movement joints

M41/465 Metal section movement joints

M50/740 Edgings and cover strips

M51/510 Edgings and cover strips

P12/330 Flexible intumescent gap sealer

P12/35 Flexible intumescent gap sealer

Specification data - Metal section movement joints Enhanced data

Joint width (nominal)

100—500 mm.








Fire blanket.

Product Reference

Fireline 520 Fire Barrier System


Bottom mounted.

Inside (recessed) mounted.

Top (surface) mounted.


To EN 1366-4 and BS 476, 120 and 180 minutes.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United States

Country of product manufacture

United States

& Italy.

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