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Fire-teK WM 910

Fire-teK WM 910 is a non-combustible, flexible Rock Mineral Wool mattress with a galvanized wire mesh stitched to one side and an optional foil facing, for use in the compartmentation of large cavities for up to 60 minutes.

Features and benefits:

  • Non-combustible with a melting point in excess of 1000°C providing excellent levels of fire protection
  • Can be used to provide up to one hour fire resistance.
  • Prevents smoke and flame from by-passing fire-resisting walls and partitions
  • Simple, clean and quick to install.
  • Versatile, flexible and adaptable system.

General information

Thickness: 50 mm

Roll length: 4000 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_80_81_51 Mineral wool fire-stoppingPrimary

K10/530 Cavity fire barriers within partitions/ wall linings

K10/545 Cavity fire barriers within suspended ceilings

K40/287 Cavity barriers

K40/60 Cavity fire barriers

P10/410 Flexible cavity barriers

Specification data - Mineral wool fire-stopping
Product Reference

Fire-teK WM 910 (formerly Rocksilk Smoke and Fire Barrier)


900 mm

2 x 400 mm

Standard product features


  • Thickness: 50 mm.
  • Roll length: 4000 mm.

Fire performance:

  • Non-combustible to BS 476-4: 1970 (1984).
  • Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame to BS 476-7 1997.
  • Class ‘0’ to the Building Regulations.


'A' generic BRE Green Guide rating.

Product Options

Roll area:

  • 900 mm wide: 3.60 m².
  • 2 x 400 mm wide: 3.20 m².


Available un-faced or foil faced on one or both sides.

Third party certifications
  • Fire resistance to BS 476-20 : Integrity - 30 minutes; Insulation - 60 minutes