Fire Barriers


Floor to floor and wall to wall.


Expansion joint fire barriers. Helps to protect both buildings and the people inside from the spread of smoke and fire. Sections come with factory made male to female ends, eliminating the need for complex field manipulation at seams. Multiple configurations tested and approved to meet EN 1366-4, BS 476-20, UL 2079, ULC S-115 “FTH” and ASTM-E119/ E1399/ E1966 - consult manufacturer for details.

Resists open flame, smoke intrusion and temperature rise for designated period of time.

Fireline™ 140:

Includes adjustable compression springs that provide outward pressure within the throat of the joint.

  • No mechanical fastening required for installation.
  • Utilizes a combination of a tough outer wall for transport and installation protection, along with layers of intumescences and high temperature insulation to resist toxic smoke and fire.
  • Mounts against the inside face of the expansion joint. This eases installation of any cover plate or chase wall system, allowing for a more consistent finish.
  • Patented pre-attached flanges utilizing adjustable compression springs for consistent outward pressure during joint cycling.
  • Accommodates floor and wall joints from 2-4″ (50-100 mm).
  • Movement: ±50%.

Fireline™ 520:

Designed to block smoke, flames and heat from small to large joint openings. This helps contain the fire, providing more time for evacuation and arrival of help.

  • Pre-attached flanges drastically reduce labor cost and ensure uniform installation.
  • Mounting configurations available for both wall and floor conditions: Top (flush) mount, or inside (recessed) mount.
  • Designed for consistent and efficient installation.
  • No fire caulk required at splices.
  • Joint widths from 6-8" (150-203 mm) wide. Blankets provided in 3 m (118”) lengths.
  • Movement: ±50%.
  • For use within one, two, three and four hour rated floor and wall systems.

General information



Intumescent, ceramic textile.


Impervious stainless steel layering.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_53_53 Metal section movement jointsPrimary


M10/460 Strip movement joints

M10/476 Metal section movement joints

M13/375 Strip movement joints

M13/395 Metal section movement joints

M40/80 Strip movement joints

M40/825 Strip movement joints

M40/835 Metal section movement joints

M41/445 Strip movement joints

M41/465 Metal section movement joints

M50/740 Edgings and cover strips

M51/510 Edgings and cover strips

Specification data - Metal section movement joints Enhanced data

Joint width (nominal)

50—100 mm.

Fireline™ 140.

150—203 mm.

Fireline™ 520.




Intumescent, ceramic textile, and impervious stainless steel layering.

Product Reference

Fireline™ 140

Fireline™ 520

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


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