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Fibreroll EW30 Fire Curtain

Rolling fire curtain, which provides a half hour's fire integrity between fire compartments and includes a reflective coating, which reduces radiated heat to such a large extent that it meets the EW30-C0 classification (in accordance with EN 13501-2, EN15269-11 and EN16034).

The curtain has been successfully fire-tested to EN 1634-1, and offers major advantages over existing designs, in that the radiation transmitted through the curtain remains below 15 kW/m², thus protecting people and potentially combustible materials in the vicinity.

Features and benefits:

  • Curtain: constructed from specially reinforced and coated fibre-glass material, sewn together with stainless steel wire. The curtain is supplied in a natural grey colour. Designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C.
  • Steel bobbins are attached to each end of the fabric to ensure that the curtain remains in the side guides, even when subjected to differential pressures caused by fire.
  • Bottom rail: the bottom rail is formed from a profiled steel section.
  • Guides: the side guides are formed from galvanized steel, and are prepared for fixing to the opening structure by means of steel bolts. The standard guide size is 100 x 50 mm (120 x 50 mm if width exceeds 6000 mm). Integral rebates are incorporated, on which the bobbins engage in a fire situation.
  • Endplates: fabricated from galvanized steel of adequate thickness relative to door size, and supplied with angles for fixing to the structure.
  • Casing: the casing is manufactured from galvanized steel and is available in different sizes, dependent on opening sizes.
  • Roller: the roller comprises a 101 mm diameter steel tube, in which the tubular motor is fitted at one end and steel shafts/ discs at the other. The roller is supported at each end on galvanized steel endplates, with integral angles for fixing to the bulkhead.
  • Operation: electrical operation is by means of a 240 V tubular motor with gravity failsafe closure. The standard unit is pre-wired, obviating the need for a site electrician. A control panel is provided in accordance with EN 14637, and includes an emergency close button, fire alarm interface and a battery to prevent unwanted closure of the curtain in case of power failure.
  • Fire activation: in a fire condition, activation is initiated by an incoming signal from the fire alarm system. Closure is by gravity with a controlled descent.
  • The product is CE marked accordingly.

General information


Bespoke; consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


Polyester powder-coated, RAL 9006 (White Aluminium)

Polyester powder-coated, RAL 9010 (Pure White)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_80_79_94 Vertical active fire curtain barriersPrimary


L20/610 Roller shutters/ curtains

Specification data - Vertical active fire curtain barriers

Product Reference

Fibreroll EW30 Fire Curtain


Bespoke; consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


Polyester powder-coated, RAL 9006 (White Aluminium)

Polyester powder-coated, RAL 9010 (Pure White)





Standard product features


  • Thickness: 0.7 mm (approximately).
  • Weight: 780 g/m².


Approximately 45 kg per linear metre of width.

Product Options


The box, guides and bottom rail are polyester powder-coated in RAL 9006 or 9010. Other RAL colours are available at extra cost.

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