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FB750 Intubatt Coated Batt


Used to reinstate compartment wall and floor openings to maintain the required fire resistance and assist with the reinstatement of acoustic capability.

Suitable for use around services such as suitably supported fire rated dampers, pipe work and electrical cabling, against the passage of fire providing up to four hours integrity and insulation in blockwork and up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation in drywall.

Typical service types:

  • Cables.
  • Steel pipes.
  • Insulated non-combustible services.
  • Copper pipes.
  • Cable trays.
  • Combustible pipes.
  • Dampers.
  • Ducting.


A fully identifiable, fire resistant ablative skinned rock mineral wool board offering up to four hours integrity and insulation, used for the re-instatement of service openings passing through fire compartment walls and floors.

FB750 Intubatt is a factory finished, multi-layered, low resin bonded, rock mineral fibre board.

It is Nullifire ablative coated on both faces with Optifire-identifiable coating and manufactured under controlled factory conditions to ISO 9001 to the required thickness and specification. Intubatt may be over coated using a suitable emulsion or eggshell paint for decorative purposes.

Features and benefits:

  • Tested at Exova BM Trada to BS EN 1366-3, BS 476-20, BS 476-21 and BS 476-22.
  • Tested at Exova Warrington Fire to BS 476-20, BS 476-21 and BS 476-22.
  • Water repellent core.
  • Fully identifiable using Optifire.
  • Easy to cut and flexible.
  • Service movement up to 7.5% (±3.75%), maximum 3.75 mm.
  • Fire deflection ±3.75%, maximum 45 mm.
  • Fully tested for up to 240 minutes' integrity and insulation.
  • Service capable.
  • Air pressure tested up to 2000 Pa.

General information



Off White.




1 mm thick Firetherm ablative coating on both sides, incorporates Optifire traceability.


Mineral fibre




600 x 1200 mm


Pr_25_80_81_51 Mineral wool fire-stoppingPrimary


null Mineral wool rigid batts - ablative coated

Specification data - Mineral wool fire-stopping Enhanced data




Low resin bonded, rock mineral fibre.


140 kg/m³.


180 kg/m².

Provides greater acoustic performance.

Fire performance

Up to four hours' integrity and insulation.

Product Reference

FB750 Intubatt Coated Batt


50 mm.

70 mm.


8 kg.

(±0.5 kg, 0.72 m²).


Off white.


As standard.

  • Framed: 3000 x 2400 mm flexible construction.
  • Wall: 1500 x 1500 mm, 2000 x 1100 mm.
  • Pattress: 1400 x 400 mm.

Acoustic performance rating

Up to 59 dB within a 1 m² opening.

Third party certifications

  • Certificate: CF 580

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