Fan Control Panel

Fan Control Panel

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Variable-speed fan control panel built and tested to provide a method of operating a single 415 V three phase 50 Hz duty/ standby fan arrangement.

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Environmental and smoke ventilation


Variable-speed fan control panel built and tested to provide a method of operating a single 415 V three phase 50 Hz duty/ standby fan arrangement.

Features and benefits:

  • Fixed modular design.
  • Industrial PLC logic-driven system.
  • Duty and standby fan control.
  • Multiple fan speed control via industrial inverters enabling firefighting and/ or means of escape operational mode.
  • Inputs for external firefighters key switch control (auto/ off , auto/ boost).
  • Multiple panels can be networked together.
  • Reversible fan operation if required for twin shaft/ triple shaft push/ pull systems.
  • Pressure sensor monitoring to prevent excessive negative pressure in the  activated zone.
  • Ability to power separate environmental fans from the panel for where day-to-day ventilation operation is required.
  • Ability to power additional single phase or three phase environmental fans.
  • Ductwork damper(s) control.
  • System state indication on panel face via LEDs.
  • Activation/ healthy volt-free contacts for BMS monitoring.
  • Fan panel status can be viewed via associated SHEVTEC repeater panel (specified separately).
  • Bottom cable entry regardless of panel location.
  • Weight: 88.5–200 kg, dependent on model and other factors specified.
  • Made in Britain.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power: Class 1.
  • Internal or external panel fitting option.
  • Humidity: 10–90%, non-condensing.
  • Operating temperature: 0–35°C (internally climate controlled via internal cooling fan and/ or enclosure heater).

General information






1100 x 1000 x 300 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_50_18_51 Mechanical services control panelsPrimary


S92/52 Control panels

S92/410 Control panels

Specification data - Mechanical services control panels Enhanced data



Ingress protection (minimum)

IP 55.

Fully weatherproofed (internal and external).



Doors and panels



Variable-speed fan control.


Manufacturer's standard.


Manufacturer's standard.


Manufacturer's standard.




Four pole isolating switch on panel face for service requirement.


Rated operational current (In)

Up to 68 A.

Current draw 1–68 A depending on either quiescent state or system activated state and associated fan FLC.

Rated operational voltage (Ue)

400 V.

Single 400 V three-phase/ 50Hz from external ACOPS unit or primary and secondary 400 V three-phase 50 Hz supplies into internally fitted ACOPS unit (3–11 kW internal only).

Rated operational frequency

50 Hz.

Number of poles


Cable entry

Bottom gland plate.

Product Reference

Fan Control Panel 3–11 kW (FCS024XXX)

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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