F5 Self-Closing Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Self-closing, thermostatic in-wall shower mixer for installation within shower facilities.

Function block includes self-closing cartridge, thermostat, and mechanism for an optional water hygiene unit for automatic water hygiene flushing, program-controlled thermal disinfection (additional bypass solenoid valve cartridge necessary) and storage of statistical data. Hydraulically controlled, low-maintenance and stagnation-free, with ceramic disc technology. Flow pressure-independent due to medium-separated design. Stepless adjustment of flow duration, with adjustable, turn-proof temperature stop and option for manual thermal disinfection.

Connects to hot and cold water.

All-metal construction, visible parts high-polished, chromium-plated. Holding frame including profile seal, stainless steel cover plate 190 x 245 mm with covered screw fixing, chromium-plated plastic rosettes, backflow preventer and strainers.

Depth adjustability of 25 mm.

General information


Diameter (nominal): DN15

Overall: 190 x 245 x 115 mm

Inlet: G 3/4" B

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_87_81 Shower thermostatic water supply setsPrimary


N13/375 Shower units

N13/40 Shower units

Specification data - Shower thermostatic water supply sets

Product Reference

(F5ST2004) 210.0563.595

Standard version.

(F5ST2005) 210.0563.597

With automatic shower pipe draining.

Mounting box

(F5BX2001) 2030028990

R5 Franke System Box.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

(ACST2002) 2030044783

Extension set.

(EAQFU0001) 2030003033

Solenoid valve cartridge.

Standard product features


Manual operation, for in-wall mounting with box.


  • Diameter (nominal): DN15.
  • Overall: 190 x 245 x 115 mm.
  • Inlet: G 3/4" B.

Technical characteristics:

  • Minimum/ Maximum flow time: 5 seconds/ 60 seconds.
  • Minimum flow pressure: 1 bar.
  • Volume flow rate (at 3 bar): 0.20 L/s.
  • Calculation flow rate: 0.15 L/s.

Product Options

Accessories/ Other requirements:

A range of spare parts are also available, consult manufacturer for details.

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