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Extended Corridor Mechanical Smoke Shaft System

A system to provide smoke and heat extract ventilation in accordance with BS 7346-4 and to comply with Building Regulations. Suitable for commercial and residential applications. CE Marked and compliant to European Regulations.


Tested to EN 12101-2.


The OSLoop Control System continuously monitors all components within the SHEVTEC® system for their status. Should any component device develop a fault then this will be indicated on the relevant manual control point via a yellow LED. Audible warnings can also be initiated. For centralised indication of status and faults (for example in a designated Fire Fighters entrance) the SHEVTEC® Repeater Panel should be used. The OSLoop system includes real-time event logging. This enables the system to indicate when maintenance is required and gives the maintenance engineer full diagnostics if required.

General information
Specification data - Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

Product Reference

Mechanical Smoke Shaft System

Shaft inlets


SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Door Actuator and Door






SHEVTEC® Powered Extract Fan


Manual control point (MCP)

Open/ close switches

Smoke detector

24 V Controllers

OS loop coordinator

OS2 control panel



SHEVTEC® Repeater Panel

SHEVTEC® Smoke Shaft Floor Grille

Product Options

Shaft inlets:

SHEVTEC® dampers and smoke shaft door actuator and door described in U14 products.


SHEVTEC® fans described in U14 products.


  • Manual control points (MCP's): Allow the smoke control system to be manually overridden.
  • Smoke detector: Required to meet Building Regulations. The detectors must solely be used to activate the SHEV.


  • OS Loop coordinator: A modular smoke control system linking between 1 and 64 remotely mounted manual control points (MCP's) via a coordinator. The coordinator contains the mains power conversion electronics which provides the 24 V DC power for operation. It also contains a back up battery supply. Each MCP contains actuator circuitry which also monitors actuator cabling and circuitry for faults. When a fault occurs a signal is went to the coordinator and from there to the remote alarms.
  • OS2 Control panel: Suitable for stand alone systems through to fully networked intelligent SHEV systems with BMS interface. Operates on a mains voltage primary power supply and contains integral fully monitored and intelligent battery back up for secondary power operation.


- SHEVTEC® Repeater Panel:

Provides system status information for each vent within a smoke ventilation system, as described in section U14.

- Smoke shaft floor grille:

Safety grilles to facilitate maintenance access with the smoke shaft can be provided and SE Controls will carry out the structural calculations for the applications required.

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