Enigma Motus - Automatic Sliding Pocket Doors

Enigma Motus - Automatic Sliding Pocket Doors

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Powered sliding pocket door system for timber or glass doors.

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Suitable for use on disabled toilets, hotel en-suites or for general residential and commercial doors that require a space-saving, powered solution.


Top hung, powered by silent, magnetic drive, straight sliding system. All systems supplied with an aluminium running track and cavity cassette, running gear with door guide and timber, metal or glass leaves or panels.

Features and benefits:

  • Low power requirement supplied with kettle style lead for simple installation.
  • Magnetic drive operation which is silent and maintenance free as there are no electrics in the track.
  • Touchless sensor operation.
  • Cavity is formed in wall into which door/ panel slides.
  • Often used to save space.
  • Suitable for 30 minute fire rated applications. Maximum door sizes apply.
  • Rapid, economic installation.
  • Choice of size. Specials available.
  • Suitable for timber and glass leaves and panels.
  • Doors and panels supplied in different range of finishes.
  • Supplied by manufacturer in complete kit.
  • Doors and panels up to 80 kg
  • Door/ panel width (maximum): 1650 mm. Fire rating maximum sizes apply.
  • Door/ panel height (maximum): 2850 mm. Fire rating maximum sizes apply.

Door leaf size:

- Non fire-rated:

  • Height (maximum): 2850 mm.
  • Width (maximum): 1650 mm.

- FD30:

Singles only. Varies dependent on height and width of door required - consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Door leaf weight (maximum): 80 kg.

Door panel thickness:

  • Timber: 44 mm.
  • Glass: 10 mm.

General information


Availabel in RAL colours and wood veneer.









Timber or glass doors. Aluminium running track and running gear. Aluminium cavity cassette.





Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary


L20/65 Sliding pocket doors

L20/525 Sliding pocket doors

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets Enhanced data


Single leaf top hung.

Double leaf top hung.

Double leaf, simultaneous opening, top hung.

Track system

Aluminium running track.

Door leaves





Finish and colour

Timber, paint grade.

Timber, pre-painted.

Timber, wood veneer.

Timber, laminate.

Glass, clear.

Glass, satin etched.


Powered, magnetic drive system to BS EN 16005.

Powered by a silent, magnetic drive.


Other options are available, consult manufacturer for more information.


Touchless sensor.

Anodized aluminium.

Push button.

Satin chrome.

Hand-held transmitter.

Fail-safe door lock - integrated into the running gear.

Flush pull set, circular - CFP01.

70 mm-diameter, satin stainless steel. Includes finger end pull to leading edge.

Flush pull set, oval - OFP01.

135 mm-long, satin stainless steel. Includes finger end pull to leading edge.

Flush pull set, rectangular - RFP01.

135 mm-long, satin stainless steel. Includes finger end pull to leading edge.

Flush pull set, square - SFP01.

60 x 60 mm, satin stainless steel. Includes finger end pull to leading edge.

Touch latch mechanism - TL130.

Thumb turn locking set - ELS01.

Satin stainless steel. Non fire-rated.

Thumb turn locking set - ELS02.

Satin stainless steel. FD30.



Metal trims for a fully concealed finish.

Shadow gap.

Timber trims to form shadow gap detail.


Timber trims for fixture of an architrave.

Wall depth

120 mm.

145 mm.


Product Reference

Enigma Motus - Automatic Sliding Pocket Doors

Fire rating

Non-fire rated.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Third party certifications

  • BS EN 1634-1 : FD30; awaiting Global Assessment number
  • BS EN 16005 : Magnetic drive system

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