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SELO is proud to be a family-owned business, that design and manufacture in UK for the construction industry. SELO are specialists known for delivering most innovative products in the following sectors:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Our Mission(why we exist) is to make our customers life easier by simplifying bespoke and complex building methods.

With over 15 years of industry innovation experience, we pride ourselves on offering products recognised for excellence and quality, backed up by a best-in-class friendly team of professionals who are always on hand to provide an exceptional level of customer service and after-sales support.

Selo has created a significant innovation for almost every year we’ve been in business. We’ve introduced new product categories to the market, and many of our product features have become industry norms.

Our legacy stems from an in-depth knowledge of the building industry and the realisation that so many construction processes can be improved. At the outset, we identified that specialist doors with high-end finishes almost always required a bespoke approach for every project. We set out to simplify that with standardised systems.

When we set out as Linear Building Ideas in 2008, it was just a father and two sons with an ambition to bring genuine improvements to the construction sector. We focused on product innovation that made better building outcomes easy to achieve, and we concentrated on doors. Those two early decisions have steered our success. Rebranding as Selo in 2015, we’re now regarded as the market leader in riser doors and other specialist doors, and we’re proud to be a reliable source of industry expertise.


Our full-time research and development team continues to lead the industry, developing door and access systems that enhance aesthetics, improve functionality, and ensure building safety. Selo is proud to be the original and best.

Our range of innovative products include:

·       Quadra – concealed riser doors

·       Ligna – concealed clad riser doors

·       Via – Access panels

·       Arriva – Outward opening concealed frame doors

·       Innova – Inward opening concealed frame doors

·       Enigma – Sliding Pocket Door Systems

·      Tempus – Reusable Temporary Fire Doors


A brand that you can trust to deliver, SELO’s project management and customer services are incomparable. No-one cares like Selo does about the success of every doorset on site. That commitment stems from our passion for exceptional building outcomes. From the earliest stages of a project, we’re keen to help ensure that doors will arrive just right, fit perfectly, and operate flawlessly. And that takes engineering expertise, scheduling efficiency, and manufacturing excellence. We’ve provided unrivalled support to customers for a long time now, but as we start another new year, we wanted to consolidate it into a dependable pathway that provides maximum benefit to every project and partner.


Our brand promise to you:


1.     Give detailed project assistance at every stage – Halo Assist – the support that surrounds every project. Three clear stages with a proven process at every stage. Expertise that ensures everything works out as intended; and we NEVER walk away from a problem!

2.     We have legacy of industry leading innovation – a significant innovation for almost every year in the business. A new product category introduced to the industry. Multiple product features have become industry norms.

3.     Reduce every potential risk to a minimum – Unrivalled experience of large, complex project. Exceptional breadth of fire testing across products variants. Advanced technical expertise in bespoke production.

Selo has been the brand of choice for many projects across the country. We have completed thousands of successful projects over the years, including some of the largest and/or most prestigious ones in varying sectors. Examples include the Wood Wharf development with Canary Wharf Group and Adamson Associates, 22 Bishopsgate with Allies & Morrison & Multiplex and The Old War Office with EPR and Ardmore.

Want to know more? That’s why we launched the SELO Academy

We understand the need to create interactive, engaging, and inspiring learning environments to help all within the industry. We understand the need for architects to feel confident in specifying our products knowing that on site installers won’t have any problems. Moreover, the installation of Selo products will be the best that they ever experienced. We know how important this is for the project to be successful.

We launched the Installation Training Scheme in 2022, to continue to support all parties involved in being able to design and install our doors with confidence of compliance every time. 

This includes educational sessions covering the product features to assist with installation and different applications to ensure compliance; before moving on to the practical session where our site technician will install the doors demonstrating best practices and tips from their vast experience. The doors will then be removed so you can install them under our observation. We then run a ‘Common Mistakes/Lessons Learnt’ session before handing you your Qualified Installer certificates and cards. 

We also run CPDs which provide valuable insights into how doors and walls should be used as a system and the requirements for fire testing them. Get in touch to find out more detail and book a CPD or breakfast morning with us.

We have a set of core values that we live by. These 10 key principles run through our organisation, the products we design and the services we provide and how we behave as a company.

SELO other brands to include:


The Enigma sliding pocket door is a game changer giving your project that extra edge.

Why we innovated pocket doors?

Historically, architects have specified Pocket Doors to ensure the aesthetics of their designs can be delivered. However, installers have been reluctant to use such products because of complex, time consuming and sometimes troublesome installation requirements. It’s easy to see how this misconception has arisen and there are several issues the door manufacturing industry needed to address:

Installation & Reliability

Traditionally Pocket Doors take a long time to install where with an Enigma pre-assembled system - watch video here – installer will spend minutes to install it.

The need for a System-led Approach

Sliding pocket doors are often build by installers and contractors by sourcing a variety of components from multi-manufacturers that may or may not be compatible. This impacts durability and product performance.

The whole point of a pocket door is that it is less intrusive than a conventional door, so there are a couple of important elements that should be taken into consideration when specifying a pocket door system. The pocket door must operate smoothly and consistently without hampering the user – therefore the sliding system must be well designed and durable.

Design & Durability

The pocket formation needs to be slim but also strong, perfectly aligned, and plumb. Not something which can easily be achieved with every pocket door system, especially when a range of incompatible products are used to create a pocket door system.

We know the importance of durability on a pocket door, and that’s why we take utmost care in the strength and robustness in the design of the Enigma system. The cavity at Enigma doors is formed using aluminium profiles, specifically designed to provide the most strength with the smallest

The Enigma sliding pocket door system has been designed to the same concept as a steel stud partition system with a head and base channel and vertical studs that simply slide into these and are fixed into place. 

With ENIGMA sliding pocket door systems you DO NOT have to compromise your design

to save space. Almost unlimited sizes – yes there are maximum and minimum sizes, but the range is huge so cover almost anything you are likely to want.

The 3 design options:

Visible frame – this is your traditional frame to take the architrave of your choice.

Concealed frame – if you are going for the ultra-contemporary minimalist finish this is the design for you or if you are simply wanting the sliding pocket doors to blend into the background more.

Shadow gap – if you are using shadow gaps in the design then we have you covered!

All three design options can come fire rated to 30 minutes so even if your situation needs to be fire compliant this can be achieved while still meeting the design brief. All designs can be provided in an acoustic rated option. Finally, even if our comprehensive range isn’t enough, we can provide a bespoke option just for your specific project to give you exactly what you need.



To find out more about how we can assist you in your design and specification to look the best whilst ensuring compliance, get in touch with our team today – we are always here for you!


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Concealed Metal Riser Doors -Quadra+ - Conceal unsightly riser doors & service

Concealed Metal Riser Doors -Quadra+ - Conceal unsightly riser doors & service

Sliding Pocket Doors - Enigma - Manual, Automatic(Motus) or Telescopic - Sliding Pocket Door System

Sliding Pocket Doors - Enigma - Manual, Automatic(Motus) or Telescopic - Sliding Pocket Door System

Concealed clad riser doors | Ligna - Concealed clad riser doorsets

Concealed clad riser doors | Ligna - Concealed clad riser doorsets

Concealed Frame Doors | Outward Opening | Arriva - Concealed Frame Doorset Range

Concealed Frame Doors | Outward Opening | Arriva - Concealed Frame Doorset Range

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Howick place - Riser Doors_Quadra+

Howick place - Riser Doors_Quadra+

St Georges Court - Quadra

St Georges Court - Quadra

Clayton Hotel, London

Clayton Hotel, London

Whitecliff Road

Whitecliff Road


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Enigma Sliding Pocket Doors Brochure

Enigma Sliding Pocket Doors Brochure

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

FSC Certificate

FSC Certificate

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  • Arriva Outward Opening Concealed Frame Doorset
  • Concealed riser Doors
  • Innova Inward Opening Concealed Frame Doorset
  • Inward Opening Concealed Frame Doorset
  • Outward Opening Concealed Frame Doorset
  • Selo Concealed frame doorsets
  • Selo Enigma pocket door systems
  • Selo Fuma Automatic Opening Vent
  • Selo riser door systems
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  • lift shaft access door
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