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Em-Glaze™ Monopitch Rooflight


Monopitch (out-of-plane) rooflights are purpose-made continuous rooflights and are available in 0.6–6 m sloped lengths, and are suited to a curb slope pitch of between 15–75°. Monopitch rooflights are manufactured from proprietary aluminium extrusions. Available with hermetically sealed glass units or polycarbonate glazing systems the rooflights are installed on site into the aluminium system. Each rooflight run is terminated with either a capping or a wall abutment section. Bays are designed at equal centres of up to 1000 mm, which will be sized in accordance with the required dimensions and glass specifications. Units can incorporate opening vents, operated manually or by 24 or 230 V electric actuators, for comfort ventilation.

A variety of options are available including self cleaning, solar control and fire rated. Aerogel is a multiwall polycarbonate filled with translucent aerogel granules, giving an even spread of diffused light and excellent thermal properties.

Performance (polycarbonate):

  • Fire ratings: BS 476-7 Class 1, Tp(a) for Building Regulations (1991).
  • Non-fragile option available: ACR(M)001:2005, Class B.
  • Pitch angle (minimum): 15°.
  • Loadings: Wind, 640 N/m²; snow, 750 N/m².

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Product Reference

Em-Glaze™ Monopitch Rooflight




Aerogel, 25 mm

Double glazed, 6 mm glass

Solar control, self cleaning and fire rated versions available, insert requirements.

Multiwall, 25 mm

Polycarbonate, double skin

Polycarbonate, triple skin


0.6–6 m sloped lengths available, insert requirements.

Ventilation/ opening

Electric hinged opener

Electrically operated hinged opener operated by 24 or 230 V electric actuators, for comfort ventilation.

Manual hinged opener

Hinged opener controlled by operating rod.

Winding rod

Not required

For electric opening unit.

1.5 m

2.0 m

3.0 m

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