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elZinc Square Tile Cladding


  • Wall cladding on flat surfaces.
  • Roofing - minimum pitch - consult elZinc.


elZinc Square tiles are direct fixed cladding elements for roofing and cladding. The tiles overlap to form a continuous weathering layer, providing a bold structured pattern across the facade with joints angled at 45º. They are supplied with an optional polystryrene backing for roofing applications which deadens rain drumming and increases the tile's rigidity. For projects that require a non combustible cladding, the tile should be ordered without this backing.

Features and benefits:

  • Traditional cladding system using overlapping panels.
  • Principally used in facade cladding.
  • Nominally weather-tight from 25º of pitch and above if used in roofing. Check with manufacturer for your project.
  • Easy and quick to install.

General information



Light grey, medium grey or dark grey.





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Tiles should be specced without the XPS backing for buildings with a reaction to fire requirement for the cladding

Titanium zinc

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)




555 mm


512 mm


20 year

Rainbow range.


Alkimi range.


Ss_25_20_50_95 Zinc sheet fully supported wall-covering systemsPrimary
Ss_30_40_50_95 Zinc sheet fully supported roof covering systems


H67/5 Metal roof tiling

H67/130 Metal vertical tiling

H67/110 Metal roof tiling

H67/8 Metal vertical tiling

H74/3 Zinc sheet fully supported roof covering

H74/110 Zinc sheet fully supported roof covering

H74/130 Zinc sheet fully supported wall covering

Specification data - Zinc sheet fully supported wall-covering systems Enhanced data

System performance

elZinc Square tiles shall provide a weathertight wall cladding, able to freely expand and contract in response to temperature changes, and fitted to resist all loading including wind loads. The appearance of the cladding shall be one composed of flat panels, without oil canning, of straight joints and neat folds of flashing elements, correctly set out according to the architect’s drawings and design intent.



Insert requirement. A zinc façade does not place any special requirement on the insulation.


Air and vapour control layer

Insert requirement.

Not required.

Breather membrane.

Insert requirement.


Insert requirements.

Soft wood battens.

With suitable wood preservative treatment, height 38 mm minimum or according to ventilating cavity depth. Use soft wood battens for open gap boarding, plywood or OSB sheathing.

Metal rails.

Use metal rails for metal decks, insulated metal panels.


Sheathing/ boarding.

Sheathing/ boarding laid flush, true and plumb, and its fasteners driven just below the surface. For buildings that require a non-combustible substrate for the zinc, trapezoidal metal sheet panels are used as a substitute for the wooden sheathing/ boarding.

Ventilated plywood substrate, 18 mm.

Service class 2 according to EN636, and 'good one side'. Installed in a staggered layout, parallel to eaves, with a 3-5 mm gap between boards, all edges supported and fastener heads driven below surface.

Ventilated galvanized steel metal deck, 0.7 mm.

0.7 mm minimum. To give a minimum clip pull-out value of 560 N, installed 'façade side outwards' to give maximum support to the zinc trays, parallel to eaves, all ends supported.

Open gap softwood boarding according to EN 12775-2, 18 mm.

Maximum moisture content 18% and compatible with zinc and treated with zinc-compatible wood preservatives, rough sawn, 18 mm thick minimum, 80 to 125 mm wide, fixed parallel to eaves with fastener heads driven just below surface.

Foamglas insulating boards.

Installed according to manufacturer's instructions, providing a vapour-tight substrate.

Sheet underlay



Not required.

  • Vented open gap boarding substrate.

Breather membrane.

Max sd value of 0.04 m. Edges lapped and taped.

  • Vented plywood sheathing / metal deck.

Zinc sheet

Rolled according to EN988 and ASTM B69-13.

0.7 mm-thick elZinc® titanium zinc.

0.8 mm-thick elZinc® titanium zinc.

Vertical joints


Fasteners to substrate

The type of fastener is determined by the substrate material. See manufacturer's technical literature.

A2 stainless steel annular ring shank clout nails, 3.35 x 25 mm.

Open gap boarding/wooden sheathing.

A2 stainless steel wood screws - countersunk head, 4.5 x 25 mm.

Open gap boarding/wooden sheathing.

A2 stainless steel pop rivet, 3.2 mm diameter.

Metal deck/insulated metal panel/ foamglass steel plates.

A2 stainless steel self-tapping screw - flat head, 4.8 x 25 mm.

Metal deck/insulated metal panel/ foamglass steel plates.

Cross joints



Overlapping joints.

Head detail



Front vented with zinc capping.

Unvented with zinc wall capping.

Bottom edge detail



T-plate starter flashing and cavity inlet at foot.

For vented façades.

Starter T-plate.

For non-vented façades.



Fixing into joints and chases


Pointing to joints and chases

Zinc-compatible sealants.

System accessories

Not required.

EPS backing.

Reaction to Fire rating of 'E'.


Joints shall set out according to architect’s drawings, or in their absence, according to the design intent of the project. The details of the zinc work should be carried out according recognized good practice and manufacturer’s recommendations. Respect minimum recommended interior radii while bending. Holes should be notched where required to prevent tears forming in the zinc. Marking out: Use a pencil, pen, crayon or chalk.

After completion, no marking should be visible. Wherever possible use a mechanical folder to bend material to give straight and uniform folds. Free edges: If visible fold over to form a 15 mm hem. Ensure the temperature of the metal does not fall below 7, or 10°C, depending on the operation, when folding, profiling or forming the metal. Follow elZinc recommendations regarding warming up zinc metal prior to forming.



Tile direct fixed.

Tiles are direct fixed through a hole at the top corner and of the tile, and through holes on the left and right corners. The bottom chamfered corner slots into pockets on the left and right side of the tiles on the row below. This gives 26 fasteners/m².

Colour/ Finish

If a backside coating is required, type 'Protect+' directly after the finish, eg. elZinc Graphite® Protect+. If an ‘Advance’ finish is required, type ‘Advance’ directly after the finish, eg. elZinc Slate Advance.

elZinc Crystal®.

elZinc Graphite®.

elZinc Lava®.

elZinc Natural.

elZinc Oliva®.

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Fire rating

Manufacturer's standard.

  • For A1 fire rating requirement for facdes – specify without polystyrene backing.
  • The optional EPS backing has a Reaction to Fire rating of E.
  • For A1/A2 fire rating requirement for roofing – contact manufacturer.

Co-efficient of linear thermal expansion


Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture




Fully recyclable.

Recycled content

20 %

Approximate and only applicable to the zinc.

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