Edilians (Imerys) Clay Double Pantile

Edilians (Imerys) Clay Double Pantile

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Large interlocking clay roof tile.

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The Edilians Clay Double Pantile, manufactured at Edilians’ Wardrecques factory in northern France, is a large interlocking clay roof tile. However, the Clay Double Pantile tile has the appearance of a traditional single pantile with the added advantage of economical coverage and low pitch suitability.

Dry fixing is recommended at ridges, hips and verges. A wide range of matching accessories is available to complete a traditional roof design, including ventilating tiles.

Features and benefits:

  • Large module 9.5 tile per m².
  • Speedy installation.
  • Ideal for renovation and new build.
  • Traditional pantile appearance.
  • Range of compatible fittings.
  • Complete dry roof solution available.
  • Natural product - silicone free.
  • Low pitch suitability: minimum pitch 17.5°.
  • Compatibility with Edilians PVt modules.
  • Comprehensive 30-year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

General information


339 x 423 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_72_12 Clay interlocking tilesPrimary


H65/105 Clay roof tiling

H65/110 Clay roof tiling with counterbattens

H65/3 Roof tiling

H65/5 Roof tiling with counterbattens

Specification data - Clay interlocking tiles

Product Reference

223 Edilians Clay Double Pantile


Black (050)

Gloss Black (047)

Natural Red (076)

Terre d' Amarante (005)

Weathered (109)

Standard product features


339 x 423 mm.

Effective width:

378 mm.


275 mm.

Covering capacity:

10 per m².


4.3 kg per tile; 43 kg/m².

Minimum roof pitch:


Batten coverage:

3.63 linear metre.

Nail size:

50 x 3.35 mm alloy.

Product Options


Edilians site specific recommendations calculated to ensure compliance with the requirements of BS 6399-2:1997 and BS 5534:2003 can be provided on request, contact Edilians for more details.

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