ECS Heat Pump And Buffer


A range of unvented stainless steel cylinders for heat pumps. The cylinders are designed to operate seamlessly with heat pumps to provide an efficient way of supplying domestic hot water. Employing a large surface area heat exchanger, they maximize the transfer of heat generated from renewable energy to the stored water, optimizing heat pump efficiency and reducing running costs.

Suitable for use with a wide range of heat pumps and the perfect partner to Dimplex heat pumps, the cylinders are available in capacities from 125–300 L to serve most domestic hot water demands.

Features and benefits:

  • Optimally sized, high surface area heat exchangers for heat pump operation.
  • Tough, easy to clean outer casing – manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Immersion for sterilisation and back up heating.
  • 60 mm of CFC-free foam injected insulation for excellent heat retention – minimizing heat loss and energy consumption.

General information


Diameter: 580 mm

Immersion: 208 mm

Heat pump return: 190 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_60_50_20_42 Indirectly heated unvented hot water storage cylindersPrimary


S90/410 Indirectly heated unvented hot water storage

S90/410 Indirectly heated unvented hot water storage

Specification data - Indirectly heated unvented hot water storage cylinders

Product Reference

ECS Heat Pump And Buffer



Capacity: 150 L. Primary hot water capacity: 120 L. Height: 1705 mm.


Capacity: 210 L. Primary hot water capacity: 180 L. Height: 2080 mm. Secondary return: 967 mm.

Standard product features


  • Diameter: 580 mm.
  • Immersion: 208 mm.
  • Heat pump return: 190 mm.

- Heat pump flow:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 845 mm.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 895 mm.

- Buffer flow/ return:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 1478/ 1268 mm.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 1852/ 1642 mm.

- Buffer immersion:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 1293 mm.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 1667 mm.

- Thermostat:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 545 mm.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 732 mm.

Heat pump coil heatable volume:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 141.5 L.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 210 L.

Buffer capacity:

72 L.

Number of immersion elements:


Expansion vessel:

12 L, except for ECS210HP75-580 which is 19 L.

Heat pump coil size in accordance with EN 12897:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 51 kW.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 47 kW.

Heat pump coil surface area:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 2.8 m².
  • ECS210HP75-580: 3.0 m².

Primary re-heat time in accordance with EN 12897/ Heat loss in 24 hours:

  • ECS150HP75-580: 7 minutes/ 1.10 kW.
  • ECS210HP75-580: 12 minutes/ 1.41 kW.

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