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ECHOSEAL ALU FR - Fire Rated Foil Tape - Aluminum Foil Tape

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Self-adhesive aluminium foil sealing tape. Reaction to fire class B-s2,d0. Airtight, vapour tight and waterproof.

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ECHOSEAL ALU FR is a fire resistant adhesive tape suitable for the airtight sealing of membrane overlaps, joints, junctions, windows and doors and around penetrations such as pipework, wiring and structural elements.

Suitable for:

  • Internal and external application
  • Foil faced insulation materials
  • Foil faced membranes such as Partel's IZOPERM PLUS FR, EXOPERM MONO DURO 200, ECHOFOIL IZO and ECHOFOIL EXO.


ECHOSEAL ALU FR fire-resistant adhesive tape is specifically designed for building applications that need a high level of fire resistance. This aluminium foil tape provides greater cohesion, adhesion, and thermal stability to the building structure due to its adhesive technology based on fire-rated properties. The tape provides optimum adhesion on all Partel aluminium-based membranes.

Features and benefits:

  • Reaction to fire classification B-s2,d0 to EN 13501.
  • Reaction to fire classification A2-s1,d0 for system combining the Partel IZOPERM PLUS FR membrane with max. 10% of ECHOSEAL ALU FR Tape, to EN 13501.
  • Class W1 resistance to water penetration, to EN 1928.
  • Water vapour diffusion tight with an Sd value >1500 m.
  • Lowest VOC rating in hazardous substance test.

General information







Glass Fibre


50000 mm


75 mm


Pr_35_90_87_04 Aluminium foil tapesPrimary


P10/310 Air and vapour control layer

P10/60 Air and vapour control layer

Product range

Sealing Tapes

Specification data - Aluminium foil tapes

Reaction to fire

To EN 13501-1, Class B-s2, d0.

Manufacturer guidance

Reaction to fire Euroclass A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1 for a system combining the Partel IZOPERM PLUS FR membrane with a maximum of 10% of the ECHOSEAL ALU FR Tape.


Single-sided FR adhesive.


0.16 x 75 mm wide.


Aluminium foil/ glass fibre.

Tensile force

MD/CD to EN 12311-1, 800 N/50mm/ 500 N/50mm.


MD/CD to EN 12311-1, 4%/ 4%.

Resistance to tearing

To EN 12310-1, 200 N/ 300 N.

Resistance to water penetration

To EN 1928, W1.

Peel resistance

To EN 12316-2, 7 N/25mm.

Shear resistance of joints (to EN 12317-2)

300 N/50mm.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials



ECHOSEAL ALU FR Technical Data Sheet

ECHOSEAL ALU FR Technical Data Sheet

Case studies

Whitethorn Village Apartments

Whitethorn Village Apartments

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