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Drygrip Adhesive - Dryzone System: Re-Plastering Fixative With High Moisture Resistance

Drygrip Adhesive - Dryzone System: Re-Plastering Fixative With High Moisture Resistance

Safeguard Europe Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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A salt and damp resistant adhesive glue for fixing plasterboard directly to masonry surfaces. Forms a strong and long-lasting bond between masonry and plasterboard with high moisture resistance.

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The adhesive can either be applied directly from the foil sausage by squeezing by hand or by using a high viscosity applicator gun. If using a high viscosity gun make sure the components are fully tightened and aligned. Insert the Drygrip Adhesive cartridge into the open applicator gun and pierce the end with a sharp tool (such as a Stanley knife). 

Replace the end cap and nozzle, trimming the end of the nozzle to give a minimum 10 mm diameter hole. In some cases the hole in the nozzle can be made larger to discharge more product during application.

Apply Drygrip Adhesive to the back of the plasterboard as required. Once applied immediately place the plasterboard into position on the wall. Secure with good, even pressure and a slight twist action. Positioning plugs can be used to help place larger boards and adjust the spacing to the wall. 

Drygrip Adhesive will skin over within approximately 15 - 30 minutes. The cure rate will be approximately 2 mm in depth per 24 hours, this may be slower on non-porous surfaces.


A salt and damp resistant adhesive intended for use in conjunction with Dryshield Cream, as part of the Dryzone System for bonding plasterboard to masonry, following Dryzone rising damp treatment.

Drygrip Adhesive creates a strong and long-lasting bond, which has resistance to moisture the effects of salt on masonry. When applied in thick dabs, Drygrip Adhesive also allows an air gap to be created between boards and the wall, creating a warmer final surface that is protected from residual dampness and salts in the wall.

To be applied by a suitably qualified contractor.

Features and benefits:

  • Strong, long-lasting bond.
  • Fast curing.
  • Salt and damp resistant.
  • Moisture curing.
  • Accommodates natural movement of the wall.

General information




Pr_20_31_02_35 Gypsum-based adhesivesPrimary


K10/185 Wall lining system (adhesive)

K10/45 Wall lining system (adhesive)

Specification data - Gypsum-based adhesives Enhanced data




600 ml.


600 mL foil cartridges.


1.3 g/cm³.

Elongation at break



>3 MPa.






High sag resistance.

Application rate


1–2 cartridges for each sheet of standard sized plasterboard.

Application temperature


Skin formation at 23°C and 50% Relative Humidity (RH)

20 minutes.

Cure time

Initial cure.

2–3 hours.

Fully cured

>24 hours.

Cure speed

2 mm/ 24 hours.


Drygrip Adhesive Data Sheet

Drygrip Adhesive Data Sheet

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate