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Drainage mat is a two part prefabricated sheet drain consisting of a dimpled high density polyethylene core covered on one side with a non-woven geotextile needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric. The fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the passage of fine particles, which may clog the core. The core allows water to flow to the designated drainage exits.

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Drainage mat


6 mm

12 mm

Standard product features

Roll Size:

50 x 1 m.

Roll weight:

  • 6 mm: 32 kg.
  • 12 mm: 52 kg.

Flow capacity at 100 kPa:

  • 6 mm: 0.30 litres/m/second.
  • 12 mm: 0.90 litres/m/second.

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