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DPM IT: Rapid Curing Primer Membrane

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Instarmac Group plc

Dual purpose damp proof membrane for flooring applications.

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  • Suitable for use as a DPM to suppress residual moisture in concrete and sand/cement screeds where the moisture levels are 98% RH or less, when tested with a properly calibrated surface hygrometer in accordance with BS 8203.
  • As a two-coat application it may be used on subfloors where there is an absence of a constructional base DPM, provided there is no hydrostatic pressure.
  • In some circumstances it may be used over cementitious screeds incorporating warm water underfloor heating systems.
  • It is also ideal for use as a primer/ screed bonding agent for installations of polymer modified and proprietary cementitious screeds.
  • NOTE: UltraFloor DPM IT should not be used in projects where hydrostatic pressure is a concern.
  • In such cases the use of pressure relief drainage and/or external tanking systems must be the primary method of protection against moisture.


UltraFloor DPM IT rapid curing primer membrane is a two component, solvent free epoxy resin system for use as a surface damp proof membrane (DPM) and as a screed bonding aid (primer) for industrial flooring applications. It is supplied in a twin pack dual chamber to enable ease of transport and mixing. The product performs by a reaction between the resin and hardener components to give a durable continuous membrane. When mixed the product is a black colour enabling easy identification of applied areas.

Features and benefits:

  • Surface DPM.
  • Two-part epoxy resin system.
  • Primer for bonded screed applications.
  • Fast cure system.
  • Dual chamber packaging.
  • 98% RH floor moisture tolerance.
  • 45—75 minutes pot life.
  • 5 hours cure time.
  • Internal floors.
  • Available in 5 kg and 10 kg unit.

General information





Two-component, solvent free epoxy resin system.




Pr_35_31_68_47 Liquid tanking resinsPrimary


J30/10 Cold-applied damp-proofing

J30/110 Cold-applied tanking

J30/130 Cold-applied damp-proofing

Specification data - Liquid tanking resins




Resin application.


To BS EN 13813:2002.


DPM Classification.

SR-> B2, 0 at 7d.

Working time

45–75 minutes.

At 20°C.

Setting time

Walk on hardness.

5 hours.

 At 20°C.

Packaging - Plastic bucket

5 kg.

10 kg.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Case studies

UltraFloor makes country park renovation a walk in the park

UltraFloor makes country park renovation a walk in the park

UltraFloor is just what the doctor ordered at Warrington Emergency Department

UltraFloor is just what the doctor ordered at Warrington Emergency Department