DOWSIL™ Solar Bonding Silicones

Bonding with silicone creates a continuous, flexible anchor that absorbs stress and prevents air infiltration and water intrusion and by minimizing the surface of the joint in the solar panel, it maximizes the useful surface of the panel. This reduces costs by eliminating the need for additional parts to cover the edge of the glass. It also opens doors for innovative, durable, thin designs – even when using different materials.


  • Fast cure – Two-part and hot melt silicone adhesives deliver fast curing properties and green strengths in fully automated or semi-automated systems for optimized productivity.
  • Minimal investment – One-part silicone adhesives are best suited to prototypes, small series or site repair, requiring little or no investment in these applications.
  • UV resistance of silicone adhesive/ sealant – Field-proven over more than 25 years; eliminates the need for a black-painted or screen-printed coating on the edge of the glass to protect an organic sealant or a tape from the sun’s rays.
  • Material compatibility – DOWSIL™ silicone adhesives are chemically compatible and neutral with glass, laminated glass and anodized aluminium, as well as with DOWSIL™ brand silicone weather seal and most glazing accessories.
  • QA testing – Upon request, Dow Corning conducts adhesion and compatibility testing on various substrates, like anodized aluminium, and with various accessories.
  • Technical support – Dow Corning can help with the start-up of a production line using either two-part or hot melt silicone adhesive. We also offer design support, review of drawings and calculation of joint dimensions based on the dynamic and thermal loads acting on the system.

General information

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V90/312 Photovoltaic system

Specification data - Silicone construction joint sealants

Product Reference

DOWSIL™ 817 High Modulus Sealant

Excellent adhesion, fast strength build, one-part for backplate and top plate bonding applications.

DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra Fast Curing Bonding Sealant

Very fast curing, ideal for fully automated systems for increasing productivity.

DOWSIL™ 3551 High Temperature and Solar Sealant

Fast curing, ideal for semi-automated and manual systems.

DOWSIL™ 3553 Bonding Adhesive

Fast curing, one-part for backplate and top plate bonding.

DOWSIL™ InstantGlaze III Assembly Adhesive

Hot melt silicone with instant green strength for immediate handling.

Product Options

Product reference:

- DOWSIL™ 3551 High Temperature and Solar Sealant:

  • Colour: Black.
  • Components: Two-part (10:1).
  • Working time: 5–10 minutes.
  • Cure time: 4 hours.

- DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra Fast Curing Bonding Sealant:

  • Colour: Black.
  • Components: Two-part (100:14 to 20).
  • Working time: 2–5 minutes.
  • Cure time: 18–45 minutes.

- DOWSIL™ 3553 Bonding Adhesive:

  • Colour: Black.
  • Components: One.
  • Working time: 5–10 minutes.
  • Cure time: 24–48 hours, depending on design.

- DOWSIL™ 817 High Modulus Sealant:

  • Colour: Grey/ White.
  • Components: One.
  • Working time: 10–15 minutes.
  • Cure time: 4–48 hours (20°C @ 50% RH) and depending on design.

- DOWSIL™ InstantGlaze III Assembly Adhesive:

  • Colour: Clear.
  • Components: One.
  • Working time: 15 minutes.
  • Cure time: 3–5 days (20°C @ 50% RH).

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