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DOWSIL™ Firestop 400 Acrylic Sealant

A one-part fire rated intumescent acrylic sealant designed for the internal perimeter pointing of fire rated door and window frames where the integrity of the fire walls or partitions needs to be maintained.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_31_76_02 Acrylic construction joint sealantsPrimary


F30/610 Movement joints with sealant

F30/76 Movement joints with sealant

K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/125 Metal stud partition system

K10/145 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/15 Lining on timber

K10/155 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/165 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K10/175 Wall lining system (metal furrings)

K10/185 Wall lining system (adhesive)

K10/205 Lining on timber

K10/215 Suspended ceiling system

K10/220 Proprietary suspended ceiling system

K10/245 Ceiling lining on timber

K10/30 Metal stud

K10/35 Wall lining on metal framing

K10/41 Wall lining on metal furrings

K10/45 Wall lining on adhesive

K10/50 Suspended ceiling on metal framing

L20/80 Sealant joints

L20/820 Sealant joints

L40/230 Bead fixed single glazing

L40/250 Bead fixed single glazing

L40/310 Bead fixed single glazing

L40/330 Bead fixed single glazing

L40/350 Bead fixed single glazing

L40/372 Bead fixed insulating glass units

L40/380 Bead fixed insulating glass units

L40/381 Bead fixed insulating glass units

L40/495 U-profiled single glazing

L40/496 U-profiled double glazing

L40/57 Bead fixed insulating glass units

L40/58 Bead fixed insulating glass units

M20/653 Sealant movement joints with stop bead edgings

P12/390 Sealant

P12/47 Sealant - fire resisting silicone

P12/48 Sealant - Fire resisting acrylic

P31/40 Sealing around services

P31/710 Sealing

Specification data - Acrylic construction joint sealants

Product Reference

DOWSIL™ Firestop 400 intumescent acrylic sealant

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