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NBS Source
Dormakaba Digital Cylinder


Can be used for any door in the inside or weather-protected outdoor area.


Key cylinder lock replacements with both visual and acoustic access signals. They are compact, energy-efficient and easy to install. Compliant with EN 1634-1 or BS 476-22:1987, BS EN 1363-1:2012. Operate by holding up a valid card, key fob or key with RFID to the external knob - the illuminated ring will flash green allowing entrance. Transfer access rights can be transferred to smartphones for use as access media at the door.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be installed in any door constructed from wood, glass or metal.
  • Suitable for installation in fire doors.
  • Increased drill protection for enhanced security.
  • Award-winning modern design.
  • Available in black or white.
  • Modular design - on-site length adjustment possible.
  • Offers a high level of security and flexibility.
  • The electronics operate reliably, even in extremely low temperatures.

General information





36 x 45 mm

External knob (diameter x l).

36 x 29 mm

Internal knob (diameter x l).

30 x 27 mm

Small internal knob (diameter x l).


Pr_30_36_08_84 Special function door locksPrimary
Pr_30_36_08_84 Special function door locksPrimary


P21/26 Special function door locks

P21/530 Special function door locks

Product range

Door Controls / Locks and Levers

Specification data - Special function door locks

Lock type

Anti-panic cylinder.

Used on panic locks that require a defined resting position of the cam.

Dual digital cylinder.

Media reader on external and internal turns (knobs).

Half digital cylinder.

Media reader on external turn (knob).

Standard digital cylinder.

Media reader on external turn (knob)/ free access via internal turn (knob).

Antenna cover




1 x 3 V CR2 lithium.


EN 15684: 1 6 B 4 A F 3 2.


External knob: 36 x 45 mm, internal knob: 36 x 29 mm and small internal knob: 30 x 27 mm.

Door thickness

Insert requirement, cylinder lengths up to 220 mm are available to suit most applications.

Fire resistance

To EN 1634-2, 95 minutes.


0–95%, non-condensing.

Increased drilling protection

Not required.

VdS class BZ+ protection.


Radio interface: IEEE 802.15.4, Bluetooth® Low Energy.



Australian oval.

Euro profile.

Scandinavian oval.

Swiss round profile.

Protection class


Class of protection of external knob.

RFID credentials

LEGIC (advant and prime), MIFARE (DESFire and Classic), OSS-SO Version 2017-10 (LEGIC advant, MIFARE DESFire), NFC - Near Field Communication (with Android smartphones).


Battery service life at 20°C: Up to 50 000 cycles or up to two years.


-25 to +70°C.

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